Sex Tech Expert Discusses Why Sex Tech Matters

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Sex Tech Expert Discusses Why Sex Tech Matters

The world we live in today is less conservative than before. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Because of that change, people are now more open to talk about sexuality and sexual health. That also allowed the sex tech sector to blossom. But what is sex tech? Why does it matter?

Sex Tech Expert Discusses Why Sex Tech Matters

Overview to Sex Tech

Sex Tech is the industry concerned with the development of technology-infused sexual products. The companies produce sex toys, dolls, robots, and even sex-related apps and websites to help improve their customer’s sexual health. 

The industry started booming ever since the society became more open about sex. As things are right now, the streak in their successes will likely not be broken. First, the #MeToo movement acted as a catalyst that opened space for new thinking and healing. It made people more comfortable about discussions about sex. Then, there is the covid-19 pandemic. It made people realize how much sex life mattered to them. With these two highlighting the importance of sexual wellness, more opportunities were opened for the sex tech industry.

Importance of Sex Tech

No other person is more qualified to talk about the importance of sex tech than a renowned expert in the field. Bryony Cole gave statements to enlighten people about the matter. She is CEO of The Future of Sex, a company that works to promote real-world sexual connections in a non-pornographic manner. Bryony is a prominent figure in sex tech and is widely considered the world’s leading authority in the field.

Her sextech intelligence platform, The Future of Sex, analyzes and contextualizes trends, emerging technology, business models, and innovation in sex tech. That makes Bryony a credible source of information for anything sex tech-related.

According to her, sex tech matters because of these reasons:

Sex Tech Allows Public Conversations About Sex

People’s views on sex have changed. Knowing it is essential to our psychological well-being, there is less guilt associated with the act. 

Still, there is awkwardness when openly talking about it. Even with the decrease in social stigma, sex is still a sensitive subject. That is why most people still shy away from engaging in conversations revolving around it. 

The “tech” in sex tech removes this tension. It makes it appear as if people are talking about the products than sex itself. That topic is less intimidating. In a way, you can say that the tech part permits people to have conversations about sexuality and sexual health. Still, if you look deeper at it, the driving force in the discussion is the desire to talk about sex.

The normalization in conversations revolving around the topic of sex is fantastic in so many ways. First of all, it positively affects sex education. More materials will be available for learning and understanding sex better. As a result, people will be able to take care of their sexual wellness better. On top of that, people will get a better grasp of how much intimacy means to our lives. Last, and most importantly, people will be able to talk about the different sexual problems they experience. Their discussions could lead to ideas on how technology can solve those issues.

Sex Tech Empowers People

By definition, sextech is any technology designed to enhance sexuality. These products allow people to explore, experience, express, and understand sexuality better. They allow a person to rediscover himself, herself, or themselves. 

When sex tech is mentioned, the first things that come to mind are sex toys, sex dolls, and such. While those are excellent sex tech products, sex tech offers so much more than that. Aside from those products for pleasure, sex tech companies make products for preventative health care. On top of that, sex tech also helps in issues regarding gender identity. Furthermore, some sex tech services make reporting sex crimes and violence easier.

Sex Tech Expert Discusses Why Sex Tech Matters

In short, sex tech helps people become who they want to be.

Sex Tech Solves Our Sexual Problems

Products of sex tech have always been excellent at giving pleasure and gratification. The most amazing thing about it is the way technology is incorporated to help solve some issues. Do you have erectile dysfunction? Are you experiencing pain during intercourse? Can you not last more than five minutes in bed? Do not worry; sex tech will always have a product for you. 

Aside from physical problems, sex tech also helps in emotional ones. Sex dolls and sex robots are known to provide companionship. People use them to cope up with losing a partner and overcome loneliness. 

As the sector that is focused on the sexual wellness of the people, 

solving common problems during sex is a priority for sex tech. 

At the time of this article’s writing, sex tech has succeeded in pleasuring both healthy and emotionally distressed people. Likewise, it made men, women, and people in the LGBTQ+ community happy with their products.

Still, there are areas that are left untouched. There are few, if they even exist, sex tech products for persons with disabilities and sexually active elderly. Bryony states that she is excited to see how the sex tech industry will respond to the needs of these people.

Sex Tech Matters Because It Makes Us Happy

Our sexuality is in the middle of everything we do. Our behavior towards sex contains information about how we see ourselves and others. Sex tells us about our relationship with ourselves, with others, and with the world. It is more than an act of lust and seeking pleasure. That is why we get flustered when we talk about sex. When we do, we are exposing our most delicate parts to others. We feel vulnerable. Deep down, we hope that they will understand us and see us the same way we see ourselves. 

Sex Tech Expert Discusses Why Sex Tech Matters

Sex tech aids us in this journey to self-discovery and understanding. It makes the exploration a lot easier. In short, sex tech and sex-wellness products help us to become happy and healthy. That is why it matters.

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