Sex Tourism in the United States, Can the Country Handle It?

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Sex Tourism in the United States, Can the Country Handle It?

A small five-bedroom stone house sits on the quiet street of Northern Toronto. It is located among luxury cars, well-maintained yards, as well as a small business owned by a Christian. A woman driving a Mercedes drops by, unaware of the home’s inhabitants. 

There are six naked Barbie proportioned life-sized silicone dolls. They are all available for rent by the half hour or the hour. Every day, while life, men, and oxygen revolve around them, these silicone dolls lie still on white sheets. Their lifeless are staring vacantly at the establishment’s stately high ceilings. This establishment is the headquarters of Aura Dolls. 

Sex Tourism in the United States, Can the Country Handle It?

Aura Dolls, One of the First Sex Doll Brothels that Opened in North America

Aura Dolls opened in September 2018. It is one of the very first sex doll brothels that opened in North America. For 120 Canadian dollars, patrons can rent one of the brothel’s classy, adventurous, and sophisticated dolls for an hour. 

The owners of Aura Dolls remain anonymous. But what is known to people is that they are Canadian entrepreneurs. They came up with the idea of putting up a sex doll brothel when they discovered how successful similar establishments were while they were on a vacation in Japan. 

In the two years that passed, sex doll brothels have been established in countries across Europe. That includes France, Spain, Denmark, Germany, and Austria. Now, it is starting to roll into North America. However, putting up a sex doll brothel in the said country is not as easy as it may sound. Owners had to face public outcry. 

Last year, KinkySdollS, another company based in Canada attempted to open the first sex doll brothel in the US, particularly in Houston. However, before the company could even hang its signage, the council of Houston City blocked it. It updated a local ordinance that prohibits citizens from partaking in sex at a business with any device that resembles a human. 

In an interview with USA Today, councilman Greg Travis said that he was aware that some people will ask him what Houston City have to do any of those. His answer was they are not getting into the business’s bedroom. However, sex doll brothel owners cannot bring that business into their district. He added that sex doll brothels are not a good business for their city because that is not Sin City.

Sex Doll Brothels Posed Serious Issues About Sexual Ethics

True enough, sex doll brothels have triggered those who live in the neighborhood where they were put up. But apart from that, such establishments have also raised serious questions about power dynamics as well as sexual ethics. Three years ago, the first sex doll brothel in the world named LumiDolls was established in Barcelona, Spain. Reportedly, it has been bombarded with requests for dolls that resemble a child and bedroom scenes that glorify rape. On the other hand, BellaDolls, a brothel based in Vancouver, Canada, was bombarded when it encouraged customers to “forget restrictions and limitations that accompany a real partner.” 

Sex Tourism in the United States, Can the Country Handle It?

According to Claire Lee, the marketing director of Aura Dolls, their company staff found dolls all bent up after sessions. On top of that, they had to ban one customer who showed up in the brothel with fake blood. 

But even with the existence of these disturbing stories, owners of sex doll brothels argue that they are not doing any harm. In fact, they even said that they may actually be providing the society with a valuable service. 

Lee is also claiming that a majority of patrons in Aura Dolls are not miscreants. Instead, they are people who have sexual needs that they cannot satisfy elsewhere. Such people, according to Lee, include those who are suffering from anxiety, diagnosed with autism, widowers who are seeking company, and men with uninterested wives. Lee also added that one of their most frequent customers is a man in his mid-30s. This man comes to the brothel a couple of times a week, several hours at a time, to have sex and cuddle with a doll while watching TV.

It may be easy to think that Aura Dolls is a combination of a massage parlor and a realized Westworld. However, this is far from the real scenario. There isn’t any bar and flirting in Aura Doll. Rather, the entire experience in the brothel is designed to remove any human interaction. Upon arrival, customers text the control room of Aura, prompting the front door to be unlocked. Before they leave, they will text again in order to ensure that they won’t run into anyone on their way out. 

In addition, a small sign tells patrons to take off their shoes and leave their payment. The interior lighting of the room is romantic and dim, with a white fabric covering the windows.

One of the most popular dolls in the said brothel is named Anna. She proudly flaunts a 32H bust. Since there is no blood flowing through her, a space heater is used in an attempt to keep her body warm. Moreover, Anna looks fresh because her makeup is reapplied every day. To keep her eyelashes in place, they are securedd with heavy-duty Gorilla Glue.  

In another room sits an underage-looking Korean doll named Yuki. She was touted with personality traits such as being innocent and submissive. All you need to have to get to know her are three LifeSyles condoms, a bottle of K-Y jelly, and paper towels. There is remote control sitting on the side table, encased in a plastic bag. When used, it turns a television on and flashed on the screen is Pornhub’s homepage. 

Sex Tourism in the United States, Can the Country Handle It?

At the groundfloor of the building are more silicone dolls. In one room sits Scarlett. Her manicured fingers jiggle when the door of the room shuts. Scarlett’s fans likely come to her to enjoy one of her three holes. Each of those holes features different and unique ridges, textures, and tightness. 

The features of the d0olls above are the reasons why Aura Dolls have many patrons despite the outcry of the public.

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