Sextech Products That Are Changing The Way Sex Is Done

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Sextech Products That Are Changing The Way Sex Is Done

When talking about sex tech products, we unconsciously think about things used in solo play. We picture masturbators, sex dolls, and their more technological cousins – sex robots. These are the things that can give sexual satisfaction when a human partner is not present. 

In truth, the sex tech industry is bigger than that. Some products that they produce are made to help couples up their sex game. Aside from adding something new to their sexual experiences, some products help solve real-life couple’s problems. Whether it be pain during intercourse, erectile dysfunction, or premature ejaculation, the sex tech industry will have an answer to that. Therefore, the sex tech industry is reshaping the way we have sex.

Sextech Products That Are Changing The Way Sex Is Done

Three sex tech pioneers revealed their favorite recently-released or soon-to-be-released sextech products. More than giving pleasure, these seven sex toys aid in the development of the sexual wellness of their users. 

The three people behind this list are Bryony Cole, Daniel Saynt, and Kristin Fretz. Bryony Cole is the CEO of The Future of Sex, which is a company that works to promote real-world sexual connections in a non-pornographic manner. Daniel Saynt is the founder and chief conspirator of a private members club for the adventurous. The New Society for Wellness, the club’s name, a play on the abbreviation NSFW, which traditionally means Not Safe For Work. Last, Kristin Frets is a co-founder of Emojibator- a company that aims to empower women by helping them achieve orgasms worth celebrating. More than pleasure, they promote the importance of sexual wellness.

Here are the top seven sex toys couples should have according to these three.

Lover App

Using this app is like undergoing sex therapy. The expert advice and the science-based exercises will help anyone to improve their skills in bed. On top of that, there is audio and video content in the app to provide instructions that are easy to follow. 

Furthermore, couples can connect through the Lover app. By doing this, they will be able to learn about the kinks and fantasies they are both down for. It will also explain certain things a partner tries to do in bed but did not know how. Moreover, only the fantasies where the partners connect will be shared on their screens. Telling your partner about something you want to do and finding out they are unwilling to do it can lead to awkward situations. With this feature, that tension is eliminated.

Sextech Products That Are Changing The Way Sex Is Done

Overall, this application is helpful for couples who want a healthy sex life. Thus, it is a must-have. 

Lioness Generation 2

The Lioness is a smart vibrator that helps women achieve more intense orgasms. To use, women simply need to connect the Lioness to the intuitive mobile app of the same name. Then, they should use the product just like any other rabbit-style vibrators. The sensors in the sex toy will record the session and send the data to the phone for analysis. Then, the mobile app will display the information in an easy-to-read chart. Through that, women can see how their orgasms change over time, together with what made them better or worse.

Morari Medical Premature Ejaculation Device

The name of the product says it all. It is a device that looks like a bandaid that helps in delaying ejaculation. It is a transdermal-based patch that uses neuromodulation to inhibit the nerves of the penis. The internal vibrations will then confuse the nervous system to make it feel less stimulation. Through this process, a man cannot ejaculate as quickly, which leads to longer and more satisfying sex. 

This product is still under development. The good news is, the prototypes are showing promising results. When it gets released, it is going to provide a solid alternative to pharmaceuticals and existing treatments.


Small but terrible. This simple product is praised for its ability to solve a big problem. 

Sex is an experience that should be pleasurable instead of painful. Unfortunately, some people experience pain while having sexual intercourse. To mitigate the pain, penis owners can use OhNut. By wearing this product on the base of their shafts, the depth of penetration is controlled. That will then make sex more comfortable for people with sensitive vulvas.


The sex tech industry cannot forget about the LGBTQ+ community, can’t they? The sexual wellness of people from this community is just as important as that of the general population. So, sex toy manufacturers have started making products that are more inclusive. From genderless designs to toys specifically targeted to non-cisgender individuals, they are showing their support to the rainbow flag.

Sextech Products That Are Changing The Way Sex Is Done

Tryst is a primary example of these products. It is a bendable, multiple erogenous zone massager designed with all bodies in mind. He, she, and they can all enjoy this product.

Tryst is great for both solo or partnered play. It is also remote-controlled, which makes it more interesting.

eXtreme Restraints Thrusting Dildo Strap-On

Speaking of the LGBT people, here is a product for people who do not have a penis but identify as men. This sex tech product can be used as an alternative to an organic penis. What sets it apart from other strap-on penises is that it uses mechanical tech to thrust on its own. Furthermore, it has seven different modes of thrust and vibrations. This game-changing product can make the wearer’s partner experience more pleasure. 

Emojibator Chickie

Last on this list is a product by Kristin’s company. Emojibator is known to produce sex toys in the form of cute emojis. This time, it appears like a chick. Chickie is a cute little clitoris sucker and vibrator for women. It is a multi-speed, waterproof, body-safe silicone vibrator with USB charging capabilities. These features make it a perfect product to use during bathtime.

Now, what is special about this sex toy? Emojibator’s services, as mentioned earlier, focuses on the sexual wellness of women. While suction tech is common in the market, only a few are this affordable. For this reason, Chickie – a quality, beautiful, and budget-friendly toy is revolutionary in the market.

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