Space and Sex Dolls: SpaceX Founder Elon Musk Offered With a Deal for Mars Mission in 2024

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Space and Sex Dolls: SpaceX Founder Elon Musk Offered With a Deal for Mars Mission in 2024

A major sex doll supplier has reportedly offed Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX with some of its top products for space missions. 

Sex Doll Genie (SDG) co-founder Amit Stevenson noted that it was vital for astronauts to feel accompanied. To combat loneliness during space missions, the company said that the solution is for the astronauts to bring some of its flagship sex dolls into space with them.

The company’s co-founder added that their purpose of wanting to send sex dolls to space is not for sex. Instead, the sex dolls would be used by the astronauts to combat loneliness. Love dolls would make the users feel accompanied by lonely situations.

Amit added that there is something lonelier than being in space or on Mars, in particular. He said that as an aerospace engineer, he understands space travel fully. This is something that he is passionate about. Amit even emphasized that he dedicated a significant chunk of his life to studying this branch of science.

In addition, he noted that the proposal to bring sex dolls in space does not intend to make the profession of astronauts or generally the space exploration cheap. Rather, he said that sex doll technology is surprisingly sophisticated. Sex Doll Genie’s production team can make customized asexual dolls for the purpose of human presence during space exploration. This will offer a sense of companionship as well as will help astronauts avoid loneliness. 

Sex Doll Genie Unveiled Its Groundbreaking Set of Love Dolls

SpaceX was launched in May. It carries two astronauts before it docks at the International Space Station (ISS). Moreover, this paves the way for the future SpaceX missions to Mars.

Sex Doll Genie has previously unveiled a set of groundbreaking sex dolls to Daily Star Online. The company released dolls with skin that is so realistic they have goosebumps on it. The sex dolls also feel so lifelike. Some people even say that it was the closet thing to real sex that they have ever experienced.

Moreover, Amit told in an interview with Daily Star that he believes that their company’s dolls are the most realistic ones in the market. Yet, he admitted that there are other dolls made by sex manufacturers like DS Summit Series and Sanhui that are also very realistic. 

Amit also said that one of the biggest advantages that their company has is that they have Gynoid team’s background in designing movie prop models.

Daily Star asked Sex Doll Genie’s co-founder if their company is giving their customers the closest thing to real sex. Amit said yes and added that 90 percent of the sex is in the mind. This means that when the sex doll a person is making love with looks so real, it will make sex more gratifying and pleasurable. 

Sex Dolls Would Come Into Space in the Future If Elon Musk will Accept Sex Doll Genie’s Offer

Amit Stevenson is an aerospace engineer turned sex doll retailer. 

A one way trip to Mars could take anywhere between six to eight months. This is comparable to some of the missions that astronauts undertake aboard the ISS or International Space Station. However, a spacecraft will be able to reach the ISS in just hours. In addition, the orbital lab is always within the reach of the Earth. 

Moreover, a spacecraft can only be launched towards Mars whenever an orbital transfer window between Earth and Mars opens. For this reason, the frequency of the Mars missions in the future is limited by the involved sheer distances. 

These distances also prompted scientists to express concerns about the mental health of the astronauts who undertake the missions in the future. 

Back in 2018, the University of California, San Francisco’s Dr. Nick Kanas noted that Mars is a long way away. He also added that the extreme distance could result in psychological ramifications. 

However, Musk is firm in his goal to set people to Mars. He believes that the future of mankind relies on settling alien planets. For this goal to happen, his company is currently developing the Starship spacecraft. This will bring humans to the Moon, Mars, and potentially beyond. 

The South African billionaire also believes that SpaceX’s first cargo missions will be able to get to Mars by 2022. This will then be followed by a crewed mission in 2024. 

Furthermore, Sex Doll Genie’s co-founder thinks that the sex dolls could alleviate some of the psychological stress and anxiety that astronauts experience during space missions. 

As mentioned, the technology that sex dolls currently have is sophisticated. Amit noted that their company is willing to work with authorities to make their sex dolls suitable and really useful for the people who need them.

Amit also added that their ultimate goal is to explore how new approaches could be applied to space travel. These new solutions will be based on the very effective solution that Sex Doll Genie has found for the lonely people on Earth. 

Furthermore, the sex doll manufacturer argued back then that sex robots can be a replacement for genuine human interaction in an environment where there is limited human contact. They also aim to see a combination of male, female, and transgender sex dolls in space. 

On the other hand, NASA, a US space agency, said that there are some issues that affect astronauts during long voyages in space. This includes loneliness and anxiety. 

NASA also added that they have carefully chosen the crews who will stay aboard the space station for the expedition. They are also trained and supported in order to make sure that they will be able to work effectively for six months.

Moreover, crews for the future Mars mission will be undergoing to even more preparation and scrutiny. The reason for this is because they will travel farther and longer than any other previous human. Meaning, they will be more confined and isolated than anyone could ever imagine. 

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