The Controversy Behind The Use Of Sex Robots

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The Controversy Behind The Use Of Sex Robots

It is such a disappointment that until now, we still live in a society that fails to see rape for the gruesome crime that it is.

Sex doll manufacturers are continuously integrating advanced technologies to produce a sexbot that is as realistic as possible. With the advancement in artificial intelligence (AI), the latest models can even speak and react to their owner’s words and actions. Some have built-in heaters and pulses to make them more like a real, living person. But what raised ethical arguments are sex robots with frigid settings. They are designed to resist sexual advances, thus making rape roleplaying possible.

The Controversy Behind The Use Of Sex Robots

Why Does This Violate Humanitarian Ethics

A similar argument has, in fact, already come up before. It was about women-only train compartments that are supposedly the solution to sexual harassment. It entails that women should have avoided riding the train with men if they did not want to be assaulted. Likewise, the issue with sex dolls for rape roleplaying raises debates that it makes the situation worse than it already is.

It Normalizes Rape

Rape is a crime, and it should not be labeled as a mere act of sexual desire. By providing an outlet for those that are into forced sex, they only get encouraged to do it for real. Rape is illegal, and it should not be, in any way, ever be tolerated. Instead of creating a solution, this innovation gives the idea that rape can be accepted by practicing it on sex dolls.

If you think that by making rapists focus their lust on dolls, you can discourage them from doing the deed, then you are mistaken. It is like giving a murderer a realistic model that they can practice “killing” whenever they want to. It is not going to work because they would not be satisfied unless they get their hands on an actual victim. If rape can be resolved by encouraging rapists to relieve themselves on a sex doll, then they should have been able to stop themselves just by masturbating. After all, having sex with an inanimate object is not all that different from self-pleasure.

The Controversy Behind The Use Of Sex Robots

It Encourages Sexual Assaults

According to some arguments when it comes to the use of sex dolls, consent is not a great deal at all. They are not real people, so they do not feel liked or disliked or experience pain or pleasure during sexual acts. The same reasoning applies to their effects on societal behaviors. Whatever their owners do to them has nothing to do with actual people, as they are, after all, machines and not humans.

However, technology continues to advance further, and the market is becoming increasingly competitive. Slowly, adult brands are starting to produce sexbots that are almost like actual people. They were once mere lumps of silicone, but they are now barely distinguishable from a real person. They come complete with everything that can make a machine feel as lifelike as possible. Sex dolls are not simple machines anymore.

Sex toys are one thing, but robots like such embody real humans, most usually women, and make them appear as toys for men. This is why producing realistic dolls that can act as if they are being raped raises the tendency for rapists to search for a woman to victimize. Instead of discouraging rape, those sexbots will have the opposite effect.

Real Women Can Become Targets

Once again, the argument that sexbots, no matter how realistic they are, cannot be harmful, as they are not actual people, will surface. But how about if it looks exactly like the person you know?

Last year, a designer from Hong Kong created a robotic version of the famous actress Scarlett Johansson without asking for her approval. Most manufacturers prohibit the creation of a replica of real people without their consent. However, some are willing to create a model with similar features to the reference photograph the customer will provide.

The Controversy Behind The Use Of Sex Robots

A sexbot that has the option to act as if she is being molested can already be dangerous by itself. The threat only increases if those robots can have similar, if not exact, appearance to a real person. Not only does it dehumanize the woman portrayed, but it also makes her a potential victim of rape. Even if the owner is only having “forced” sex with a machine, he probably does it with the model of the doll in mind.

It Shifts the Blame to the Victims

Resorting to a sexbot to satisfy a man’s urge for sexual assault suggests that rape is inevitable. It implies that there is nothing that can solve it, so instead of finding ways for prevention, catering to rapists’ need is more feasible. And that is wrong in so many ways.

Alluding that male violence is innate and should be pacified through sex dolls is an insult to the vast majority of men. Not all of them have tendencies for assault, and those that do should not be given the liberty to do as they please. Besides, whatever a person’s gender may be, a rapist is a rapist, and it has nothing to do with their sexual orientation.

Manufacturing sexbots designed for rape roleplay also shifts the responsibility of dealing with the crime to the victims. It denotes that rapists would not have done the crime if only sexual services were offered to them in the first place. It blames the targets, usually women, for not pleasuring the assailants. They should be dealt with by the law, not appeased to control their urges.

The production of these sex robots can likewise be linked to gender inequality and misogynism. More than 95% of RealDoll customers are men, which means that most of their manufactured products are women.


Although there is no irrefutable argument on the stance of whether sexbots can or cannot negatively influence the way men see women, they sure do play a part. Physical and sexual abuse against women is already not unheard of in the society. Creating robots that reduce the exploitation they go through as a mere fetish cannot possibly be helpful in any way.

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