The Downsides Of Being A Webcam Model

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The Downsides Of Being A Webcam Model

When people want to feel sexual relief and they don’t have a partner, they often turn to porn. These videos can include their fetishes and sexual desires. Therefore, watching these gives them sexual pleasure. However, the viewers are in no way involved in what’s happening. They can only watch the performers live their own fantasies. 

So, instead of visiting porn sites, many opt to visit webcamming sites instead. There, they can find webcam models performing live. It is more immersive and interactive since people can chat with the performer. Furthermore, with the use of tokens, they can have an input on what’s happening on their screen. For instance, they can tell the webcam model which sex toy or sex doll to use.

As webcam modeling rose, classic porn went on a decline. Lots and lots of “tube sites” popped up. These websites allowed users to upload content from porn websites, allowing visitors to watch them for free. On top of that, people already preferred webcam sites since it offers an intimate connection with the performers. This hurt the revenues of the websites and, consequently, the salaries of porn stars. They do not earn much from working on scenes these days. Some are even forced to become prostitutes to make a decent living.

The Downsides Of Being A Webcam Model

With that said, being a webcam model seems like the more lucrative career option in adult entertainment. However, this industry has its own weaknesses.

Overly Attached And Demanding Fans

A webcam model goes to webcamming sites where people can watch them perform erotic acts live. While doing these shows, people can send them messages. The models must read and respond to these messages as much as they can. Otherwise, they are not doing a webcam show but a live porn broadcast – which is not what their viewers want. This trait of webcam modeling brought it to where it is today. However, this is also its weakness.

Isa Mazzei, a former webcam model, wrote about this. At one point, she loved having the close relationship she built with her fans. She says that she became their virtual confidant. They tell her about the insecurities and fetishes they cannot discuss with their partners. Mazzei was happy she could be of help. “I think a lot of my viewers needed an outlet where they can be emotionally vulnerable,” Mazzei says. “I was a safe person to share that with,” she continues.

The Downsides Of Being A Webcam Model

However, sometimes, things could get out of hand. Webcam models build intimate relationships not only with one person but with all of their fans. Inevitably, some would be jealous of others. This often causes a commotion on the stream, and Mazzei had to step up and be the referee. This could be challenging since she has to do three things all at once. She has to soothe the enraged fans. At the same time, Mazzei has to make sure her actions will not hurt her relationship with the target of the attack. On top of that, she has to protect her boundaries.

Obsessed admirers are also not unheard of. They will ask Mazzei her personal information lie where she lives, and her real name. “I want to feel like I’m getting more access to your life than everyone else,” they would say, according to Mazzei. This makes her feel uncomfortable. After a year and a half in the industry, she reached her limits. She quit as a camgirl in 2016. Two years later, she wrote the screenplay for Netflix’s psychological horror movie Cam where the protagonist is a webcam model.

Studio’s Dictation

Webcam models could work in their homes independently. Granted, they have their own equipment. If they cannot afford to buy these, they can instead apply to webcam studios. These provide them with a workplace complete with all the necessary equipment – lighting, laptop, sex dolls, etc. In exchange, these studios take 40% of the model’s revenue. Since the model is essentially their employees, they can tell the girls what to do in front of the camera. 

Katlyn Carter, another former webcam model, finds this to be a problem. She became a webcam model in 2014 after responding to an ad posted on Craigslist. At that time, she and her partner Kayden were having financial problems despite working full-time office jobs. So, she decided to give it a try.

The Downsides Of Being A Webcam Model

Here comes the issue. Independent models can turn down requests that make them feel uncomfortable. Furthermore, they can block viewers that are misbehaving. However, models under contract with studios do not have those privileges. The studio wanted Carter to accept all requests and please all her viewers. Now, there are viewers sending bizarre requests like vomiting and urination. Carter found herself in trouble several times after turning down these requests.

Eventually, things became unbearable for Carter. The viewers are too demanding, and her managers care only about the money. She was constantly stressed and knows that’s not healthy. So, she left the studio.

Carter says that there is no superior form of sex work. But for her, there is the best option. That is “the one without corporations telling me what I can and cannot do,” she says.

Carter then worked for a camming website. The earnings were much lower though since the site took a 70% cut of her revenue. Also, the site was glitchy and full of bugs which further affected her income. She then left webcamming for good. 


So many people are willing to pay a lot for adult entertainment. Therefore, webcam modeling is still a viable option for making a living. However, it is not for everyone. To be a successful model, one must have incredibly thick skin. Aside from pressure from management, there are toxic fans. These fans could be over affectionate or too demanding. Either that or they are cyberbullying the model for their weight, age, race, or gender. With many models quitting because they cannot handle these, who knows how long the webcam modeling industry can stay. Could it go downhill like traditional porn? Only time will tell.

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