The Golden Age of Sex Technology

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The Golden Age of Sex Technology

Since the invention of sex toys, they have been helping people have a better time when masturbating or having sex. At first, the design of these products has been intriguing – frightening even. There were steam-powered or mechanical devices that looked more like torture devices than pleasure-giving ones. Then there are the ancient Greeks who fashioned bread into disposable dildos. They are remarkable for what they can do during the old times. However, they pale in comparison to the sexual trends today. 

The world has come so far. We now have silicone sex toys and TPE sex dolls in place of bronze dildos and butt plugs. Thankfully, people also do not need to waste bread for sexual gratification since there are rechargeable sex toys. 

These products controlled the market for many years. However, there are rising trends that will change the world of sex once more. Thanks to technological advancements, we are now at the golden age of sex.

The Golden Age of Sex Technology

The Pleasure Found in New Experiences

When covid-19 struck, everything was put on pause. Business operations, movie tapings, sports events, and unfortunately, even the sex lives of people were disrupted. 

Social distancing measures were implemented to stop or slow down the spread of the highly infectious virus. While that is good for our health, it affects sexual wellness negatively. People, even couples, cannot have sex. That is just sad. 

Thankfully, sex tech exists. During quarantine, many people admitted that they have been relying on sex toys to experience a pleasure. They have been using their time alone to explore areas of sex they have not traversed before. 

Kinsey Institute did a study to determine the sexual behaviors of adults during quarantine. They had 1,559 adults participate in the survey. The data gathered has revealed that 1 out of 5 tried something new in the bedroom. They either watched porn, visited or performed in cam sites, or used sex toys they have not tried before. When asked about how they felt afterward, people who did explore said their sex lives had improved.

This is due to the novelty of the experience. It positively affects the amount of dopamine released in the brain. If that sounds like gibberish, here is a simpler explanation. More feel-good hormones are released in the brain, thus making the experience more enjoyable.

Then, according to sex researcher Nicole Prause, sexual breadth is associated with sexual satisfaction. Meaning, the more stuff you try and the more things you play with, the more likely you are to be satisfied.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of products people can try. There are masturbators, vibrators, prostate massagers, sex robots, and such. Since there is pleasure in something new, the sex tech industry does not stop on finding and starting new trends. 

Here are this era’s biggest trends in sex tech. You should try at least one of these five, or all if you can, to experience a new level of pleasure.

Penis Vibrators

Let us start with physical products. Foreshadowing: most of the trends in this list do not cause direct stimulation. 

Who said vibrators are only for women and gay men? Penis owners can enjoy them too. Penis vibrators are not insertables. They fit at the base or shaft of the penis and release vibrations that cause stimulation. Some men can achieve hands-free orgasms using these products. MysteryVibe Tenuto and Arcwave Ion are prime examples of these products. 

According to prose, men are shy about using these products. Probably because of the term “vibrator,” which is heavily associated with toys meant to be inserted. Give it time, and it will be popular among men. 


It should not come as a surprise. In a time where a human’s touch is practically forbidden, remote-controlled sex toys will shine. Couples can use teledildonics to maintain connection when they cannot have physical sex. She will control his toy, and he will control her toy. That way, they are still interacting with each other instead of just masturbating together. Furthermore, there are toys like Lovense Nora and Max 2 that react with each other.

The Golden Age of Sex Technology

Using teledildonics is the best way to have long-distance sex.

Virtual Reality Porn

What could be better than regular porn? Being inside the same room with the performer! Or at least a feeling close to that.

Masturbation requires imagination, but with virtual reality, the task becomes easier. You do not have to paint a picture of you having sex with a woman, a man, or more than one sexual partner. With VR, you can literally see them in front of you. Combine this with using another sex toy, and you will definitely have a great time.

Audio Erotica

It is surprising that this is a new trend. Considering the huge success of Fifty Shades of Grey and a gazillion other erotic books, there is clearly a market for erotic stories. And what would be a better way to enjoy those than to sit back, listen, and relax?

Like reading, listening to a sex scene can help you pinpoint your exact desires. In contrast to VR Porn, Audio Erotica lets you tap into the creative mind. Aside from the storyline, how things look depends on your imagination. There, you can customize things to suit your preferences. That leeway makes people gravitate toward audio erotica.

Dipsea is the leading provider of audio-erotica, but that is not the only option you have. There is & Jane, Kampsite, and Quinn. Find one according to your preferences.


If you have not heard of OnlyFans, you probably live in a cave. This site is the talk of the town. It is currently the primary platform choice of sex workers. Here, they can upload content, explicit photos and videos, that only subscribers can see. 

You might argue that that is not something new. Sites like Chaturbate have been doing it for years. However, OnlyFans is not restricted to that kind of content. Because of that, there is less social stigma. 

The Golden Age of Sex Technology

Sexual content coexisting with other things like cooking videos and instrument playing helps normalizing sex. It justifies sex as not something bad but an essential element of life. 

OnlyFans unconsciously makes people see sex as a healthy part of life rather than an underground activity. It serves as a low-stakes way to explore different kinks and sexual techniques. That is why it is so successful.

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