The High Tech Future of Intimacy

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The High Tech Future of Intimacy

Our ancestors had stones, then steam-powered machines, then electronics to help them in their lives. Now, we are living in the age of smartphones and computers. They have been helpful in making our lives easier. Like how sci-fi films have predicted, we now have robots helping us with our tasks. Some do our chores for us, while some are used for security. Aside from that, there are simpler applications that help us find a ride or even a possible sexual or relationship partner.

In short, technology is so versatile that it can be applied to almost anything. Sex is not an exception. For a while, people are ashamed to talk about this topic. Although many use sex tech products for sexual gratification, they would not admit it in public. However, as the world is ever-changing, people are more open about these discussions now. For instance, Sex Tech was allowed in last year’s CES. CES is an annual event where the world’s biggest brands present new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry. This is important news because, in the past, sex tech is not allowed in the exhibit. The sudden change of heart is likely caused by recent events. Certain happenings in the world have highlighted the importance of sexual wellness. Thus, products for sexual health are more accepted. This is a sign that sex tech can be mainstream soon.

The High Tech Future of Intimacy

Sex tech has been changing how we have sex for many years now. But, with this newfound power, with more people backing the industry, more developments will be made. The future of the sex tech industry, and intimacy in general, looks promising.

Technological Developments in Sex Products

Gone are the days when the best option people have are inflatable sex dolls. The evolution of technology made way for better products to be produced. There are so many to choose from; each is amazing in its own rights. Also, plenty of brands compete against each other, always trying to one-up each other’s products. Thus, there is no shortage of products offering new experiences that could give people mind-blowing pleasure. At the top of that chain are the most advanced of them all: Sex Robots, Virtual Reality, and smart sex toys.

Virtual Reality Porn

VR is one of the best technological inventions in terms of giving new experiences to humans. It is an upgraded version of gaming or simulation. Through VR, people can travel to different settings and experience new sensations. There, people can visit faraway places, go back in time, or have sex. 

Using Vr is regarded as a way to explore sexuality safely. In the artificial world, they can be experimental. They can explore different kinks and fantasies so they can know themselves better. While they can also do that by watching porn, VR experiences have an upper edge. Since they are more interactive, they generate more excitement and a higher level of arousal.

Furthermore, many offer haptics that makes users feel the sensation of touch. The fun does not end there. VR Technology is relatively new, and it is developing rapidly. It is safe to expect that VR sex experiences will become more immersive and realistic as time goes by.

Virtual Reality Sex can be enjoyed with or without a partner. It is for everyone.

Smart Sex Toys

Smart technology, in the simplest definition, is artificial intelligence-embedded gizmos. These gadgets are capable of self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting findings. They connect to other devices through an internet connection or via Bluetooth.

The High Tech Future of Intimacy

Smart Sex Toys have been popular in the market, and they are only getting started. A prime example of these products is the Lioness. It is a vibrator for women that analyzes what makes their orgasms more or less intense. With the use of this product, women can learn more about their sexuality and sexual preferences. That affects their sex lives positively.701 

There are also smart sex toys for couples. These toys send feedback and response to each other. Now that social distancing measures are implemented, they became really popular. They let people have sex without touching each other. That is long-distance sex at its finest. Considering how great they are at what they do, smart sex toys are likely to remain even after the pandemic is over.

Sex Robots

Robots are still the most popular application of artificial intelligence. So, since smart sex toys exist, sex robots also do. In fact, sex robots are a combination of smart sex toys and sex dolls. 

Sex robots do all the things sex dolls do. They provide sexual pleasure and a human presence. The thing is, sex robots have other features that make them superior products. 

Since artificial intelligence is involved, sex robots essentially have a brain. Most are capable of basic movements, while others are more developed than that. Some sex robots can reach climax; they “can” orgasm. Then, there are models that can have personalities, which makes them more interesting. 

Sex robots as they are now are usable. Still, most people consider them unfinished products. The ultimate goal is to produce robots that can interact with their owners like they are living humans too. And as shown by Real Doll’s Harmony and Nova, we are nearing that time. 

The High Tech Future of Intimacy

That would be good news for sex doll owners. In the first place, they own sex dolls to cope with their longing. Maybe they lost a partner, or perhaps they are just unlucky with their sex game. The invention of sentient robots that can answer their needs, both emotional and sexual, will make them very happy.

There are controversies regarding this topic. People are concerned about how the development of such products can affect how people develop relationships and interact with each other. That is why it is important for sex tech to be mainstream. The sector should be treated like everybody else. When that happens, sex tech companies can operate more openly and transparently. They will also be better regulated. With that, they can control how much sex products can affect people’s lives. By then, the positives will outweigh the negatives.

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