The Importance of Using Sex Doll Storage Case

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The Importance of Using Sex Doll Storage Case

Sex dolls are fantastic things you can use to take care of your well-being. These products will let you fulfill even your wildest desires. The best thing is, they are always available. So no matter the time you need them or how often you need them, you can use them to satiate your lust.

Thanks to people now being more open about sexuality, a growing portion of the population now accepts these synthetic love partners. Unfortunately, “many” is not the same as “all.” There are still people out there that are against these products. They think sex dolls shouldn’t exist, and all people who use them are sex-crazed individuals. You would not want to be labeled as such when it is not true, wouldn’t you? So, you have to hide your sex doll from plain sight. 

Now, who would have thought there would be a negative to sex dolls becoming more life-size and life-like? It makes hiding them more difficult. If you are living alone in your home, this may not be much of a problem. But if you aren’t, or if you often get visitors, it would be best to look for ways to make your sex doll hidden. 

There are many ways you can store your doll. Depending on your situation, choose the method that suits you the most. Though, the one that is highly recommended is using a storage case.

Sex Doll Hanging Racks

There is one more reason why you can’t just leave your sex doll out in the open. Aside from it can cause you embarrassment, it is also good for the sex doll itself. Leaving the love doll out, sitting on a chair, for example, may cause some dents. For sure, you would not want that. It will ruin the aesthetics of the doll.

The Importance of Using Sex Doll Storage Case

So, the best way to store your sex doll is by hanging it. With the use of hanging racks, produced and recommended by the same people who made them, you can protect your sex doll from any defects. Since the sex doll would not be in contact with any surface, there wouldn’t be any dents. 

However, there is an obvious flaw to storing your sex doll like this. It does an awful job at hiding it. Sure, if you live alone, you can hang the doll inside your bedroom where no one can enter. But, your visitors may still see it when you enter or exit your room. Worse, they may think it is an actual person you have hanging in there. You may lose your friends.

That said, you would still need a separate room – ideally, one that isn’t that accessible – to store your doll. 

The Importance of Using Sex Doll Storage Case

Closet Bar Suspension

This option is a lot better than the hanging racks when it comes to hiding your synthetic sex partner. With this, you can store your love doll inside your closet, along with some of your clothes. Just make sure that it does not rest on any surface, nor is it in contact with colored clothes. You can go in and out of your room without fear that anyone may accidentally see the sex doll you are hiding in there. 

If you chose to store your sex doll through the use of closet bar suspension kits, you would need to detach the head from the body. Yes, if you consider your sex doll your partner in life, it may make you sad. But, you gotta do what you got to do. You have to remember that it is not just for you, but for the sex doll too. 

Sex Doll Head Stand

If you don’t want to hang your sex doll’s head, you can use a head stand instead. This will allow you to let the sex doll’s head rest on surfaces like tables and such. You can put it in the corner of your room that is not visible from the outside. That way, there will be a way for you to see your partner while their body is stored in your closet. Just keep in mind that this is not an option for people living with someone else. You will still need to put the stand inside the closet if that is the case. Else, they may see the head when they enter your room and be creeped out. 

Sex Doll Cotton Muslin Dust Bags

If you don’t have a storage case, this is your next best bet. Sliding your sex doll in Muslin bags will protect it not just from public sight. It will protect the doll from dust, high humidity, excess light, and other factors that can cause detrimental effects. And since the Muslin bags are 100% cotton, there is no need to worry about dents and defects. 

Sex Doll Storage Case

When buying a new sex doll, go to the accessories section. There usually is an option to get a storage case at a discounted price. It is highly recommended that you include that in your order. 

The Importance of Using Sex Doll Storage Case

Using a sex doll storage case is the best way to store a sex doll – as the name obviously suggests. By using this, you can protect your sex doll from things like dust, debris, humidity, and such. They also have a polystyrene inner, so you don’t have to worry about dents either. Moreover, it will allow you to store your sex doll discreetly. For added peace of mind, know that most cases have a lock included in them. Therefore, even if people stumble into your room, they would not see what you are hiding. 

There are also small wheels on the bottom of the case. So, moving the doll around will also be more manageable. Dare to be a little adventurous and have sex in the kitchen? Push the case to your kitchen like a trolly. That is a lot easier than carrying your sex doll to bring it there.

After all that is said, it is obvious why using a sex doll storage case is important. So, get one if you don’t have one yet. 

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