The Rise in Popularity of Sex Dolls in China

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The Rise in Popularity of Sex Dolls in China

Cultural influences and government policies have left China with an imbalance in its male-to-female ratio. And since there are more men than women, most of them are left without a partner. The unavailability of prospects made the Chinese men look for other ways to achieve sexual gratification. With sex dolls, it has been found.

The Rise in Popularity of Sex Dolls in China

China’s One-Child Policy

The country with the highest population in the world is no other than China. To solve this problem, their government started implementing the one-child policy. Introduced in the late 70s and early 80s, as its name suggests, the law limits a family to only one child. 

On paper, it sounds like a good plan. However, in practice, it became the cause of another problem. The one-child policy greatly affected the sex ratio in the country, which lead to the phenomenon called Missing women.

In most cultures, men carry the family name and inherit the properties and assets. The case is also true in China. On top of that, men in China are responsible for taking care of their parents once they grow up. These perks made parents prefer sons over daughters. 

Having a daughter is so disadvantageous, it became undesirable. So, when a baby girl was born, they were often sent by their parents to orphanages. There, they get adopted, but mostly by foreigners like Americans. Believe it or not, that is one of the best cases possible. 

The sad thing is, some parents abandon their baby girls so they can have a son. Some will even commit infanticide. Then, since the invention of ultrasound, they were able to determine the gender while the fetuses are still developing. Once they found out that it is a “she,” they resort to abortion without remorse. As a result, the two sexes inChina faced a lack of proportions.

Means for Sexual Satisfaction

It takes two to tango. The same can be said when it comes to sex. However, because of the Missing women, Chinese men are forced to rely on other means to experience sexual pleasure.

Of course, masturbation is always an option. Although it is fun and exciting during the first few years of doing it, solo play quickly falls off. Sometimes, the hand is simply not enough. 

There were prostitutes in China, and they were popular among men. However, the government launched a major crackdown on prostitution in Dongguan. It was the place where prostitutes are commonly found. In the aftermath, they became scarcely available.

Some studies found that some men, despite identifying as straight, engaged in male-to-male sex. There is only one possible cause of this behavior – the depleting number of available women. 

The Rise in Popularity of Sex Dolls in China

Not all men are open to this kind of interaction. So, they sacrifice genuine body warmth for a sensation closer to what a woman would feel like. They relied on sex toys, specifically artificial vaginas. 

Sex Toys on China

Sex toys are more common in China than in other countries. Being a country dominated by males, there is no social stigma attached to using these products. In fact, they are commonly sold in places Chinese men frequent. Meanwhile, shops for these products are located in small corners in other countries. 

Chinese know and understand their situation. So, they are more open to products related to sex. 

Using Sex Dolls as a Solution to Missing Women

Sex toys are great for the sexual health of Chinese men. However, they still cannot erase the fact that most men will grow up and not marry. Unless they found foreigners who would fall in love with them, of course. Then, just like Chinese women, foreigners are not available to all Chinese men. 

This is where sex dolls come in. They are sex toys formed in the shape of real women – complete with hair, eyes, and other body parts. Unlike regular sex toys, they add a pseudo-human presence in the room. Sex dolls emit a sense of companionship. They are one of the best, if not the best, sex toys in the market. 

Needless to say, they are a big hit to the Chinese. The high demand for sex dolls in China is further proved by a short-lived app called Ta Qu. 

Ta Qu

Ta Qu, or Touch in English, is a mobile app that would let users rent a sex doll for a day. Their slogan, ‘Shared girlfriend—your heartwarming companionship,’ is a reference to the gender problem China is facing.

As you all may know, buying a sex doll can be quite expensive. This financial factor stops most Chinese men from buying their own. Ta Qu’s rental service is a brilliant solution to the problem. They will only charge 298 yuan or $46 per day. 

Unfortunately, Ta Qu’s popularity on the internet also caught the attention of the Chinese communist party, and the app was forced to shut down.

The Rise in Popularity of Sex Dolls in China

When the company released a statement regarding the news, they apologized to the government and the people. Still, they promised that they would not stop exploring to find ways for Chinese men to experience a healthy sexual lifestyle.


Ta Qu may have failed even before it was launched, but the fact still remains. Chinese men are open to having sex dolls as their companions when a human partner is unattainable. 

For that reason, sex doll production in the country is booming. It is even more stable than crafting office furniture for export, as proven by Hitdoll.

 Thankfully, Chinese manufacturer’s technology is improving. Before, they can only make blow-up dolls, which is inferior to the sex dolls and sex robots from western countries. Now they can create sex dolls as realistic as their foreign competitors. Albeit still missing a few features, they retaliate by having a lower price. 

Locally made or not, sex dolls do a lot for Chinese men’s sexual, emotional, and overall well-being. 

Their country is still looking at a two-child policy, which will allow daughters to have space in a family. That would be good for future generations. Until then, grown Chinese men will have to rely on sex dolls to fulfill their needs.

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