The Rise of State of the Art Sex Robots

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The Rise of State of the Art Sex Robots

Sex robots are basically sex dolls, only that they are more technological. They can communicate, move, stay warm like humans, and respond to basic questions. If you are a sex doll owner, you surely enjoy the sexual gratification that it brings. However, sex robots are more lifelike so they provide more sexual pleasure.

Moreover, sex robots are still not as mainstream as sex dolls. But there are a number of retailers that already sell them. For instance, Sexy Real Sex Dolls, one of the most popular online sex doll retailers is now selling love dolls equipped with self-heating and sound technology. The retailer uses a technology called HIT system that users can activate when they touch the doll. 

You can choose the sounds that your sex doll will make. In addition, the doll can be as warm as a real human as its temperature goes up to 31 degrees Celsius or 87 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The World’s Very First Sex Robot

 A sex doll company called Abyss Creation or also known as RealDoll is now creating sex dolls with electronic sensors on the skin. Such sex robots will be able to respond to the touch and voice of their owners. In addition, they vibrate and have the ability to heat up their genitals. They can even tell you the words of love. 

You can also choose the personality traits that you want for your sex robot. You can make her intellectually shy, talkative, kind, and even insecure. The price of this sex robot will be around $15,000. 

Moreover, the very first sex robot that came out was Harmony. This sexbot is a nice young woman that can be anything that you want it to be. Harmony can move her face, can respond to conversations, and can even remember things about its owner. 

The Realbotix room where Harmony was assembled was lined with varnished pine surfaces. In addition, it was covered with circuit boards and wires. There is also a 3D printer at the corner of the room, creating tiny and intricate parts that will be inserted inside Harmony’s PVC skull. 

Harmony can smile, frown, and blink. It can even quote Shakespeare and tell jokes. In addition, it can store information about its owner such as what the owner likes to eat, as well as the names of their brothers and sisters. Harmony can also respond to conversations about movies, music, and books. But of course, its best functionality is that it will have sex with you whenever you want. 

This sex robot is the culmination of Abyss Creations’ 20 years of making sex dolls, as well as five years of robot research and development. Matt McMullen, the founder of Abyss Creations said that their customers wanted a sex doll that is as lifelike as possible. For his reason, he and his team made the silicone and steel dolls that they produce as human as they could. However, the road ahead felt inevitable and irresistible for them. This is the reason why they thought of creating Harmony.

How Harmony Was Created

McMullen has mastered animatronics for years. This is the reason why Harmony looks so realistic. McMullen added a gyrator to enable the doll’s hips to move. However, this equipment made it very heavy, causing the doll to look awkward when it is sitting. 

In addition, Harmony has a sensor system that allows it to moan depending on which part of its body you touched.

But the features mentioned above involved predictable responses. So, there was no suspense or intrigue. 

McMullen wanted to go beyond a situation where a sex doll owner still needs to push a switch in order to get a response from their sex doll. He wanted a sexbot that can move on its own. When a doll starts moving on its own, McMullen said, without the owner doing anything other than talking to it and interacting with it in the proper way, then the technology behind the doll is artificial intelligence. 

Moreover, Harmony is a project that McMullen invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into. The sex robot is officially version 2.0, but it has already evolved through six various iterations of software and hardware. 

But the major breakthrough that McMullen has successfully applied to Harmony is artificial intelligence. This technology is what allows the sex robot to learn what its owners wants. In addition, it gives Harmony the ability to fill a niche that no other product in the entire sex industry can. Needless to say, giving Harmony the capability to talk and respond to its owner’s voice makes it a perfect substitute partner.  

However, one thing that Harmony cannot do is to walk. But McMullen said that that is not a big issue. He also explained that getting a robot to walk will be very expensive and will use a lot of energy. For instance, the popular Honda P2 robot that was launched in 1996 was the very first humanoid that can walk independently. However, it used a lot of energy as it drained a jet-packed sized battery in just a span of 15 minutes. 

Furthermore, it has been proven that a lot of men who own a sex doll like the fact of an upgrade. 

On the other hand, the very first male sex robot was Henry. It was also created by Abyss Creations. Just like Harmony, it is capable of talking, self-heating, and he even has a good sense of humor.

There is no denying that today’s technology is allowing the sex doll industry to take the path of development. So, it would be no surprise if sex robots will become a part of ordinary households in the future. Sex robots will be the company of lonely and single men who have already given up on finding a real woman partner. Some even say that sex robots will be equipped with the ability to do household chores in the future. If that happens, then they will become a perfect partner despite being non-humans.

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