Things About Sex You Can Learn From A Sex Doll

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Things About Sex You Can Learn From A Sex Doll

Sex is the act where two people, wearing little to no clothing, spend intimate time together. It involves intercourse, penetration, or any other form of stimulation. The goal is to reach a climax or orgasm. Sex is all about pleasure and our carnal desire. It is also the act that could lead to reproduction. 

Those would be the common person’s perception bout sex. At times, we may even think that we know everything about sex. But that is not true. Sex is not as simple as that. There are things about sex that we do not know or do not realize. These things can make our sex life a lot better, so we must learn what these things are. 

Things About Sex You Can Learn From A Sex Doll

The thing is, as they say, experience is the best teacher. But you can’t ask people to have sex with you because you want to learn something about it, can you? That would be awkward. They would think you are bad at the deed; thus, they will likely refuse. 

That is where sex dolls come in. They are always available, meaning you can use them in your journey to understanding sex. And lucky you, they are such great teachers.

Sex Requires Practice

Admit it or not, your first sexual experience felt awkward. While you instinctively knew the basics of what to do, the execution was difficult. As you continuously use your sex doll, you will realize why it felt that way.

You probably have heard of the saying, “Practice makes perfect.” That applies to sex too. So, the more times you had sex, the better you will be at it. 

You may be wondering how can sex doll help in that regard. They do not have an opinion on whether what you did to them pleased them or not. So, how would you know that you are improving?

The answer is simple. When the pleasure you feel is more remarkable than before, that is when you know it. Sex with a love doll acts like masturbation, but a lot better. It will help you identify what strokes, speed, or position you prefer. And repeated sex with the doll will help you improve that technique. 

Of course, if you are having sex with an actual person, you have to consider their preference. But since you know what you like, it will be easier to adopt so both of you will feel satisfied. 

Sex Requires An Understanding Partner

This is closely related to the first lesson. Aside from practice, we need to explore to understand what kind of sex would be most enjoyable for us. The issue is, not all people would be game for adventurous sex. 

Sex dolls, on the other hand, will never say no. So, you can experiment with different kinks with them until you find the activity that suits you most. Then, you will feel happier with your sex life.

 To enjoy sex to its fullest, you need someone who will be willing to explore with you. Likewise, you should be understanding with regards to what your sexual partner wants. That is such an important lesson. 

The Importance Of Commitment

When you buy a sex doll, you will likely have sex with it, and only it, for some time. That, in itself, is already a lesson. 

Things About Sex You Can Learn From A Sex Doll

Sex is more enjoyable if there is commitment. Doing the deed with one person multiple times feels better than having sex with numerous partners. The connection and intimacy are there. People tend to forget about them, thinking sex is all about physical pleasure. But the truth is, it feels so much more amazing when an emotional bond exists.

Aside from better stimulation, having only one sexual partner reduces the risk of catching STDs. Considering there is still no cure for some, you would not want to get infected with any of those. 

A Healthy Sex Life Equates To A Happier Life

Medical experts have confirmed that indulging in sexual activities has many health benefits. Even an activity as simple as masturbation can help improve blood flow. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Sales of sex dolls and sex toys skyrocketed during the pandemic. Curious minds took a look at this and found an explanation. If you own a sex doll, you will already know about this. 

You are happier if you are getting enough sex. Intimate activities release happy hormones. Thus, we feel better and more alive. 

It is because of this realization that sexual wellness is now considered an essential part of our well-being. So, things and products that were frowned upon before are now considered less taboo. Sex tech companies were permitted to join exhibits, and buying sex dolls is not as stigmatized as in the past.

Proper Hygiene Affects Satisfaction And Sexual Appeal

Sex doll maintenance is quite simple. All you need to do is clean your sex doll regularly. You need to keep them hygienic. Dust, residues, and other particles may accumulate in the sex doll if you don’t. That can destroy your sex doll and can sometimes cause you pain during sex with it. On top of that, the sex doll will become “less attractive” to you. It could even reach a point where you would stop using it, just because of how dirty it became.

Things About Sex You Can Learn From A Sex Doll

The point here is self-explanatory. An unhygienic person is equal to an undesirable sex partner. They may say sweat is sexy because of pheromones and stuff. Though, the thing is, no one wants to have sex with a sweaty and smelly person. They would like them to shower or clean themselves at least. 

Therefore, we should be mindful of our cleanliness. It would be best if you shower regularly, brush your teeth, and clean your private parts. If you do not want to have sex with unclean people, you should expect them to be the same. 

It’s crazy how sex dolls, which are neither sentient nor have a voice, can teach us about these things. But they do. It only shows how great sex products are. If only more people opened their eyes, they would see what sex dolls and sex toys can provide.

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