Top 10 Touch-sensitive Sex Dolls

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Top 10 Touch-sensitive Sex Dolls

High-quality sex dolls are lifelike. They don’t just look like real humans; their skins also feel like real human skin. And the crazy thing is, sex tech has advanced even further than that. From inflatable sex dolls, we now have sex robots. Sex robots can speak and hold conversations.

However, sex dolls are expensive, and since sex robots are an improved version of those, they are even pricier. Thus, only a select few can afford them.

But don’t worry because there is an alternative. Sensitive-touch moaning systems may not enable sex dolls to speak, but they make them make sexy noises while having sex. Therefore, they still add another element of realism.

Sounds good? This list of the top 10 touch-sensitive sex dolls on the market will expedite your search if you are looking for one.

Lonnie – 150cm | 5’0″ – M Cup

Top 10 Touch-sensitive Sex Dolls

Lonnie is a voluptuous Latina. She has that sexy black hair, brown eyes, and brown skin look. And her little smirk adds to her seductiveness. 

Lonnie is a 5-footer sex doll, meaning she’s shorter than the average female height. However, she has something that many girls taller than her don’t have. This sex doll has massive M-cup breasts. Because Lonnie is a TPE sex doll and these breasts are hollow, they are extremely soft. 

With all that said, you will love touching those while you give Lonnie some pounding. And with the Sound/Moaning system equipped, that will be even more enjoyable.

Melonie – 158cm | 5′ 1″ – B Cup

Top 10 Touch-sensitive Sex Dolls

Melonie is a college-age lady who’s looking for a man to dominate her. She is 5 foot and 1 inch tall and has small breasts and a tiny waist. Also, this blonde possesses a fine ass. 

This sex doll is made of Platinum Silicone. So, she is realistic and durable. The material also gives her anal and oral orifices a realistic feel. On top of that, they are also anatomically accurate. So, sex with Melonie will feel like real sex. Adding the Moaning/Sound system takes that realism to another level.

Twana – 164cm | 5’4″ – J Cup

Top 10 Touch-sensitive Sex Dolls

Twana is a head-turner. She is a 5 foot 4 inches tall, black-haired woman with lovely dark brown eyes. Her perfectly symmetrical face is also a plus. It gives her that very modelesque look.

Twana’s body is also to die for. She boasts J-cup breasts, big enough for “motorboating” or titty fucks. And you will love doing those, especially with the moaning system put into her. It will make her make sexy sounds that will make you hornier than you already are.

This sex doll is a TPE sex doll with anal, oral, and vaginal sex capabilities.

Aneesha – 166 cm | 5′ 4″ – N Cup

Top 10 Touch-sensitive Sex Dolls

Those familiar with Aneesha’s hairstyle will know she’s a naughty girl. It is the same as Harley Quinn’s hairstyle. And we all know how chaotic that character is. Aneesha is just as over the top as Harley Quinn, but only in the bedroom. She is a 5 foot 4 inches tall, N-cup-breasted sex doll.

Aneesha’s other amazing assets include a tiny waist, well-defined ass, and realistic orifices. These will give you lustful thoughts and make you hungry for sex. And the best thing is that when you touch her, she moans, which makes the night even hotter. 

Sallie – 151cm | 5′ 1″ – D Cup

Top 10 Touch-sensitive Sex Dolls

Maybe you don’t want sex dolls with colossal breasts. Likewise, you don’t like flat-chested ones. Then, Sallie is a great option for you. This 5-foot-1-inch tall sex doll has D-cup breasts – neither too small nor too breasts. 

Sallie’s weight is another one of her selling points. She is only 29.8 kilograms. Thus, sex with her in different positions is super easy to do.

Yes, this sex doll can also moan, making sexcapades with her more exciting.

Colette – 160cm | 5′ 3″ – E Cup

Top 10 Touch-sensitive Sex Dolls

If Colette were a real person, she would surely be a celebrity. And she does not need to do anything special to be a star. Her looks alone will make her into one. This blonde beauty looks so perfect! With a face and body like that, she can seduce any man.

Colette is a silicone sex doll. So, you can add one more thing to her aside from the moaning system to make her more realistic than she already is. You can make her have full-body heating since silicone is heat resistant.

Yara – 151cm | 5′ 1″ – D Cup

Top 10 Touch-sensitive Sex Dolls

“Korean idol” is the look Yara is going for. She has a pretty face, a slender build, and pink hair. This sex doll also has a light and fair complexion, so she really looks the part.  

Yara has three penetrable orifices and a metallic skeleton. Combined with a touch-sensitive moaning/sound system, Yara will take you on erotic journeys with these.

Alethea – 151cm | 5′ 1″ – D Cup

Top 10 Touch-sensitive Sex Dolls

Do you have a maid fetish? If that is the case, you should check Alethea out. This petite sex doll looks fantastic in a maid outfit. Her innocent face and petite build are responsible for causing that effect.

Althea is a TPE sex doll fully equipped with three orifices. You will love penetrating those, especially because she has a touch-sensitive moaning/sound system.

Milly – 152cm | 5’1″ – D Cup

Top 10 Touch-sensitive Sex Dolls

You can fulfill two sexual desires with this sex doll; Milly looks like an Asian teacher. She has long black hair and East Asian eyes. Also, her developed body makes her look so good in a teacher’s outfit.

This moaning sex doll has a 6.69 inches deep vaginal orifice and a 5.12 inches deep anal orifice. 

Meghan – 162cm | 5′ 3″ – E Cup

Top 10 Touch-sensitive Sex Dolls

Meghan looks smoldering hot no matter what she wears. So, if you love roleplaying, she’s the perfect sex doll. Depending on your mood, you can make her a dominatrix, a spy, or a schoolgirl. But regardless of what she’s wearing, something about her is unchanging: her sexual expertise. This brunette sex doll has deep and realistic orifices. She also gets additional points for being able to moan.

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