Top 10 Transgender Sex Dolls

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Top 10 Transgender Sex Dolls

Day by day, the industry for sexual wellness becomes more and more inclusive. Some companies changed their product designs to make them “genderless” so everyone can enjoy them. Meanwhile, some had straight-up made sex toys for LGBTQ+ members. Then there are products that help reduce the stigma against non-cisgender people. One such product is transgender sex dolls.

Bicurious men can use these dolls to test the waters. Meanwhile, men and women can use these dolls to enjoy the best of both worlds. Last, people trying to experiment with women with male genitals can use these dolls as a gateway to transgender sex. In short, trans women sex dolls are perfect for trans chasers or people looking for transsexual experiences.

If you are one of these people, you found the right place to be. Here are the 10 Best transgender sex dolls you can use to fulfill your desires.


Top 10 Transgender Sex Robots

With blonde hair, blue eyes, perfect face, and great body proportions, one can say Gary is a lifesize barbie. Though, she is better than that because she can have sex with you. 

Gary is a petite love doll, standing at the height of 5.1 ft. Beneath her sexy lingerie awaits her G-cup breasts, waiting for you to fondle them. For people with penises and who like topping, Gary offers fantastic oral and anal sex. She has an oral depth of 13 cm and an anal depth of 17 cm. Gary can also offer vaginal sex, but that is not what this blog is about. Instead, let us talk about her attachable 14 cm penis. This add-on completes this Ordoll sex doll’s transsexual looks. Bi and gay men and women can ride Gary’s penis, and in combination with her stunning aesthetics, these people will squirm in delight. 


Top 10 Transgender Sex Robots

If long-haired girls who look like Barbie are not your type, worry not. There is still a plethora of models you can choose from. 

Take a look at Jackie here, who is a seductive short-haired young lady. She stands at 5.1 ft and has bust, waist, and hips measurements of 94 cm, 59 cm, 86 cm, respectively. Like her blond counterpart, she can take you in her 13 cm mouth. She also has a vaginal and anal depth of 17 cm. Her most exciting part, however, is the attachable 14 cm you can add to her body. You will get horny just by looking at this sexy G-cup-breasted lady with an erect penis. Have her enter you, and you are sure to have a wild transgender sex experience.


Top 10 Transgender Sex Dolls

If you are into BDSM or power play, here is the sex doll for you. Maris looks like a shemale that wants to dominate you. With short hair, full bangs, and full lips, her face screams power and success. That successful vibe does not stop at her aesthetics either. In whatever way possible, Maris will consistently deliver in giving you pleasure.

You can give her what she wants by being her submissive bottom. Play with her huge package and ride her as if pleasing your master is the most important thing for you. On the opposite, you can “punish” her for having such desires. Spank her while you use her. Either way, Maris will give you a fantastic experience that will leave you very satisfied. 


Top 10 Transgender Sex Dolls

Asians are pretty, are they not? They are so irresistible with their cute almond-shaped eyes and rave black hair. If you are into Asians and transgender people, Sacha is the sex doll for you. 

 Sold by, this shemale sex doll is made of TPE. That means her skin feels real to the touch. Furthermore, she has a fully articulated poseable metal skeleton. That is always a plus.

Are you aware of the rumors that Asian men typically have small penises? With Sacha, you do not need to worry about that. There are two penis sizes available in store. One is considered average with a size of 13 cm. The other one is generally classified as a big penis. It has a length of 36 cm. Choose whichever one you are more comfortable with. 

Aside from that, Sacha is capable of vaginal, anal, and oral sex.  

Sacha is pretty, sexy, well-endowed, and Asian. On top of that, she is flexible in bed and can perform many roles. What more can you ask for?


Top 10 Transgender Sex Robots

This model from Sexy Real Sex Dolls (SRSD) is a true hermaphrodite. Sandra has a body that will make you aroused and drooling. First, she is made of TPE material, so her skin is soft. Then, her flowing red hair, green eyes, and lovable face will make you want her beside you every time. As your eyes traverse to the lower parts of her body, you will be greeted by her voluptuous G cup breasts. Those melons are irresistible, but try to avert your gaze and move further south. More surprises await you in that region.

Sandra is a sex goddess. She has both male and female genitalia. Unlike others that require you to attach the penis to the vagina, this model has them separate and functional at the same time. You can alternate between riding her penis and topping her. 

Sandra’s vaginal, oral, and anal orifices have depths of 17 cm, 13 cm, and 17cm, respectively. Her penis is normal size with a length of 13 cm. However, you can message the seller if you want a 19 cm one. They will give you what you want.

With every sexy part in her body, all nights with Sandra is a night to remember.


Top 10 Transgender Sex Dolls

Sex doll manufacturers have revealed that the most requested celebrity is Marilyn Monroe. Apparently, many people want a sex doll that looks just like her. Unfortunately, they cannot make those dolls because they need the star or her family’s permission first. Still, there are sex dolls that look like her. 

Michelle is one of them, and she is one of the best transgender sex dolls in the market. She has Marilyn’s curly golden locks and alluring charms. On top of that, she has perky virgin boobs and a cute round ass. 

The thing is, she is not just about looks. Michelle is a very good partner in bed. She is capable of vaginal, oral, and anal sex that feels real. Her three orifices have depths of 18 cm, 13 cm, and 15 cm, respectively. For her removable penis, you can choose from two sizes – 14 cm and 36 cm. 


Top 10 Transgender Sex Dolls

If older shemales are your type, Catherine may be the love doll for you. This yummy mommy can do a lot of things in bed that will leave you wanting more. 

With her mature looks and developed body of a grown woman, you will feel aroused each time you see Cathrine. Her fierce facial features command you to pay attention to her, and you would dare not disobey. She has nice breasts and butts, after all. Her X factor, however, is the penis hiding under her sexy lingerie. Catherine has a normal-sized penis you can use to pleasure yourself. If you want a bigger one, you can remove the default and replace it with the size that you desire.


Top 10 Transgender Sex Dolls

The warm, bright smile of this sex doll gives her an edge over the others. It adds a cheerful personality that makes her an ideal companion. For a doll whose purpose is to satisfy its owner’s sexual desire and add a human presence in the room, that feature is essential. Andree’s smile and her sexual prowess will make you want to spend most of your time with her. Her sexual prowess will double that desire. 

You can have vaginal, anal, and oral sex with Andree. With her attachable 36 cm penis, she can also be the one penetrating.


Top 10 Transgender Sex Dolls

Aimee is a gorgeous shemale sex doll made by the JY doll brand. She has a pleasant face with a shy smile that can make people fall in love with her. 

Aimee stands at 5 ft 2in and weighs only 29.4 kg. She is light compared to others, which, combined with her fully articulated poseable metal skeleton, will make positioning easier. 

Her looks radiate innocence and sheepishness, but she is far from that. Aimee loves having sex. You can have realistic anal, oral, and vaginal sex with Aimee. That is not to say bottom gay, bisexual men and women chasers cannot have fun with Aimee. These people can find enjoyment in nights with Aimee with her attachable 13 cm or 17 cm penis.


Top 10 Transgender Sex Robots

This doll can satisfy two fantasies at once. Tomoko by Uloversdoll is branded as a full-size realistic Japanese housewife sex doll. Dressed like a seductive maid, this Asian sex doll craves for BDSM. She likes bondage and being dominated. 

Like all the other dolls on this list, you can enjoy vaginal, oral, and anal sex with Tomoko. She can also come, pun intended, with a penis. Ride it until you are satisfied. This obedient lady would not complain.

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