Top 3 Uta Kohaku Love Dolls

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Top 3 Uta Kohaku Love Dolls

Uta Kohaku is a Japanese adult video performer born on Valentine’s Day in 1992. She has fans worldwide longing to meet her due to how fantastic she is at sex.

Like most women in the porn industry, Uta Kohaku was initially very shy. She built confidence by setting up webcam chats. And that worked. She reversed things and is now the one that does the teasing. Uta Kohaku even starred in some orgy and lesbian videos.

As you can tell, Uta Kohaku is now a wild girl. Thus, it is easy to understand why so many men want to sleep with her.

Uta Kohaku has a petite body with small boobs and a tiny waist. It makes you think of having hardcore sex with her, where she’ll be thrown like a rag doll. It is extremely arousing – especially because Japanese AV and hentai popularized “moe” girls. Now, every time people think of Japanese women in the bedroom, they imagine a shy lady moaning loudly. Uta Kohaku’s tiny frame is perfect for that fetish – it gives her a submissive look.

So, how can you have at least a one-night stand with Uta Kohaku? You can fly to Japan and start a porn career there. That will increase your chances by a lot.

But hold your horses. You don’t need to do that. And surely, you don’t actually plan to do it. It requires money and even your reputation. You also need to study Nihongo, or studios may reject your application due to the language barrier.

So, what should you do instead? You can use sex dolls instead. Search for one that looks like Uta Kohaku, imagine it is her, then go to town with it. Here are the top 3 sex dolls you can use for that.

168cm (5ft6′) E-Cup Real Asian Sex Doll with Big Boobs – Sushi

Top 3 Uta Kohaku Love Dolls

Sushi is a Japanese sex doll WM Dolls. So, you can rest assured she is up to standards. You would not be wasting money if you used it to buy her. That’s already a good start. 

Sushi’s eye shape and short, black hair make her a Uta Kohaku lookalike. They are also of the same height – 5 foot 6 inches. 

However, there are some differences between Sushi and Uta Kohaku. For starters, they don’t have the same skin tone. Uta Kohaku has light brown skin, while Sushi’s skin is white. Fortunately, you can easily fix that by going to the customization options and choosing the right skin color. Suppose you want to go the extra mile to make her look like Uta Kohaku as much as possible. You can also change Sushi’s vagina color. 

The other difference is their breast sizes. As mentioned above, Uta Kohaku has small breasts. Meanwhile, Sushi has E-cup breasts. That is above average, which is the opposite of what you want. Unfortunately, you can’t change it. However, you could make them better so you would not mind the difference. You can make them feel as realistic as possible by making them gel-implanted.

This sex doll’s BWH measurements are 35.8 – 23.6 – 35.4 inches, while Uta Kohaku’s are 34 – 28 -32 inches. That is close enough.

Sushi has anal and vaginal sex capabilities. 

155cm (5ft1′) Small Breast Gothic Asian Hottie Sex Doll – Yssa

Top 3 Uta Kohaku Love Dolls

Yssa is another fantastic choice. She is Japanese and has a petite frame, which nicely matches the requirements. This sex doll has black hair and brown, oval eyes. On top of that, she has small breasts, similar to Uta Kohaku. The gist is that there are so many similarities between the two.

Now, onto the customization options. Suppose you are not happy with Yssa’s hairstyle. You can select a different wig, preferably one that resembles what Uta Kohaku is rocking. The same goes for her skin color – you can change it if you want. 

Yssa is only 5 foot 1 inches tall, meaning she is 5 inches shorter than Uta Kohaku. But perhaps you would not mind that. Remember, the smaller the sex doll is, the easier it is to carry. And speaking of that, this sex doll is only 34 kilograms – not the lightest, but also not the heaviest.

This sex doll is made out of high-quality TPE. So, her skin is as supple as real skin. More importantly, she has oral, anal, and vaginal sex capabilities.

Her orifices are already impressive as is. But there’s something you can do to make her vagina even better. You can opt to give her a removable vagina, which will make maintenance much easier. 

159cm (5ft2′) Sexytary Workaholic Asian Love Doll – Mariko

Top 3 Uta Kohaku Love Dolls

Mariko is a gorgeous sex doll; thus, you can’t go wrong with her. And her likeness to Uta Kohaku makes her even better. 

Admittedly, Mariko doesn’t look exactly like Uta Kohaku. But that’s to be expected. Sex doll manufacturers can’t make replicas of actual people unless the person in question has consented. Nevertheless, her physical features are close enough to what Uta Kohaku has. So, it is easy to imagine it is the porn star in doll form. 

For starters, both Mariko and Uta Kohaku have short, black hair and the usual eye shape for Japanese. They are also equally sexy.

The difference is that Mariko is slightly shorter, whiter, and has bigger boobs. But that’s it. You can’t solve one of those through customization. And the other two are easy to ignore. It is not like you have been with Uta Kohaku to know how tall she actually is. And why would you complain about slightly bigger tits? You can caress those while penetrating her to experience even more pleasure.

This sex doll has oral sex, anal sex, and intercourse capabilities. Her oral orifice is 5.1 inches deep, and her anal orifice is 6.7 inches deep. As expected, the deepest of the bunch is her vaginal orifice, with a depth of 7.5 inches. So even if your size is a little over average, you can go balls-deep in her pussy.

And that is it. These are the top 3 Uta Kohaku sex dolls. No matter your choice, you will get the gratification you want. Perhaps, you may even get more than what you expected.

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