Top 4 Dyed-hair Sex Dolls

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Top 4 Dyed-hair Sex Dolls

While some women prefer to preserve their natural hair, others love changing their looks occasionally. Moreover, while many believe that their hair color looks best on them, their perspective may differ from the overall consensus.

Certain colors can help you stand out from the crowd when it comes to being viewed as attractive by others. Researchers discovered that people with a specific hair color are generally considered the most appealing.  

Nowadays, we all know how prominent blonde ladies are; some of the most well-known are Marilyn Monroe, Cinderella, and Barbie. Black-haired, silver-haired brunettes and girls with odd hair colors like pink, green, and purple are also attractive to men. 

Nevertheless, guys have varying feelings about girls coloring their hair. Some men enjoy it, while others do not. Most guys, however, will prefer a girl with colored hair if they believe it complements her look, suits her, or improves her confidence and makes her feel great. 

You may have observed that many men prefer girls with colored hair. These are, however, rare because not all women today desire to dye their hair for various reasons, such as wanting to maintain their natural hair or just disliking changing the color of it. As a result, only a few guys can satisfy that craving unless they force their partners to dye their hair, which some might not agree to.

Whether Lady Luck chooses to smile at you, you might end up unlucky.

But why risk those chances if you’re unsure about it? Therefore, only sex dolls are certain; a sex doll can help you realize your fantasy. When you order sex dolls, manufacturers produce them. And there will be new models as long as there is a need. As a result, if every male wants a woman with colored hair, they will all get one; they will not have to divide.

Of course, you don’t want to settle for any dyed-hair sex doll; you want the greatest ones. Even economical, high-quality sex dolls are not cheap, so you must spend your money wisely.

Let this blog assist you in this regard. The following are the top four dyed-hair sex dolls on the market.

TAUNYA – 151CM | 4’ 9” – E CUP (ELF)

Top 4 Dyed-hair Sex Dolls

Taunya is one of today’s sex dolls with a one-of-a-kind and out-of-this-world beauty. If you have fantasy fetishes and find the characters in Avatar appealing, this love doll is for you.

Taunya, unlike the characters in Avatar, does not have blue skin, but she is an elf – a lovely and gorgeous elf. On the other hand, her blue eyes and blue-violet hair will remind you of the Pandora natives in Avatar. Her pointed ears add to the impression.

This E-cup fantasy sex doll is stunning; you will like having her around. She’s also fantastic in bed, thanks to her three working orifices.

Taunya is also incredibly petite, standing only 4 feet 9 inches tall. Some may consider this as a disadvantage, but it is not. Because she is little, she can easily move around the house. You will be able to devour quality time with her without difficulty.

HARLOW – 165CM | 5’ 4” – F CUP (HEAD: G07)

Top 4 Dyed-hair Sex Dolls

Harlow is the sex doll if you find short-haired women beautiful and cute.

Harlow is a sex doll with short green hair that sets her apart from the others. Many men would love to be with her because her facial characteristics complement her colored hair.

Furthermore, if you appreciate tall girls, this sex doll is one of them, being 5 feet 4 inches tall. On the other hand, Harlow is not only tall but also “large,” with massive, round breasts and a fat ass. You’ll want to keep these as you pound this redhead.

Harlow, like many sex dolls, has a 7.09-inch-deep vagina and a 5.01-inch-deep anal hole. On the other hand, her oral orifice is unique; it is 3.9 inches deep, which is not excessively deep but will certainly satisfy you.

SHAROLYN – 161CM | 5’ 2” – G CUP 

Top 4 Dyed-hair Sex Dolls

Are you an anime fan? Or perhaps you find girls with Japanese features more appealing? Then we introduce Sharolyn to you. She is not a Japanese sex doll, but her facial traits give the impression that she is.

This sex doll has gray hair, just like in anime. If you remember Neferpitou from Hunter X Hunter, you might recognize this sex doll. The main difference is that Neferpitou has short hair, and Sharolyn has long hair. Even so, there are some similarities in their facial features. 

In addition, gray-haired characters, like their hair, have a mix of moral black and white. They are “do-it-yourselfers” with problem-solving methods that go beyond the norm. Characters may also have gray hair to express a modest, selfless attitude, as this love doll does.

Aside from her features, this sex doll has additional assets to flaunt. She has a large soft ass and F-cup breasts. Sharolyn is not particularly tall, at about 5 feet 2 inches tall. She also has three incredible orifices that can satisfy you at any time. In a nutshell, this sex doll is ideal.

JULIYA – 155CM | 5’ 1” – C CUP

Top 4 Dyed-hair Sex Dolls

People have long assumed that the perfect hourglass proportion has BWH dimensions of 30.7 – 20 – 32 inches. It is the precise size of this sex doll. Regular girls with that body type are attractive. But Juliya is much more attractive and hot because she has silver-colored hair and the face of a supermodel.

TPE is used to make this sex doll. As a result, she possesses entire orifices. Her anal orifice is 6.2 inches deep, her oral orifice is 5.5 inches deep, and her vaginal orifice is 7 inches deep; these measurements are anatomically correct. Consequently, you will feel like you are having sex with someone.

Ultimately, these are the best sex dolls with colored hair. You will not struggle anymore to find the ideal woman with dyed hair because we have handled everything for you. Take them home to create your best sexual memory ever. 

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