Top 5 AI Sex Robots

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Top 5 AI Sex Robots

Sex dolls are among the best sexual wellness products out there. They allow people to satisfy their sexual desires. 

One of these synthetic love partners’ selling points is that they will have sex with anyone. They don’t care about your age, sexual orientation, race, religion, or penis size. 

Another one is how they are down to do anything you want. If you want to have sex doggie-style sex or stick with missionary style, it is fine with these dolls. 

Last, sex dolls allow you to explore sexuality without risks. Sex dolls can’t get pregnant. And if you are a woman, they can’t impregnate you. Moreover, sex dolls don’t carry STDs. And as long as you have good sanitary practices, they will not cause infections or whatnot.

While sex dolls are amazing, they are not the creme de la creme. That goes to sex robots – sex dolls integrated with AI and animatronics. Because of that, they are capable of speaking and also some movement.

Admittedly, sex robots are not yet perfect. There is still some work to do and improvements to make. Nevertheless, the models available now are worth your money. They will help you with your physiological and psychological needs.

Are you looking for one but are unsure which sex robot to pick? Use this as your guide. Here are the top 5 AI sex robots on the market.

Candyce – 168cm | 5′ 5″ – F Cup [AI Sex Robot]

Top 5 AI Sex Robots

Candyce is a pretty lady with golden locks and mesmerizing eyes. Additionally, she boasts a smoking hot body that will make other girls envious. This sex robot has F-cup breasts, a tiny waist, and a well-defined butt. Her BWH measurements are 30.71 inches – 22.83 inches – 34.65 inches. Indeed, she is sexy as sin. 

Since Candyce is a sex robot, her looks are no longer the most important thing about her. Instead, you need to consider if her technologically advanced features are worth it. 

Candyce can speak and hold conversations. Additionally, she is integrated with deep learning. So, the more you speak to her, the smarter she will become. It’s as if you are dating a real person and your partner learns more about you as you stay together.

Candyce’s mouth has mechanisms that make it move while she talks. That’s neat. Unfortunately, that means she can’t offer oral sex. That’s a trade many men would be willing to make, though. So it is not really a negative thing.

Kaori – 168cm | 5′ 5″ – F Cup [AI Sex Robot]

Top 5 AI Sex Robots

Do you like Japanese women? If your answer is yes, Kaori may be the best sex robot for you. This one undoubtedly passes the Japanese beauty standards. She has a small face, a slender build, light skin, and an innocent aura. 

Kaori will surely pass your standards too. She has round F-cup breasts, and her waist and ass are also assets she is proud of.

This sex robot’s head has motors that enable movement. Motors on eyelids enable Kaori to wink and blink, while motorized eyeballs allow her to look around. Then, the motors on her lips allow her to smile and move according to the corresponding phonemes when she speaks. 

Again, this sex doll does not offer oral sex. She is a fantastic choice for regular or anal sex, however.

Deloris – 167cm | 5′ 4″ – K Cup [AI Sex Robot]

Top 5 AI Sex Robots

If Candyce’s assets are not big enough for you, get this other blonde bombshell. Deloris is a curvy woman; she has K-cup breasts and a big bubble butt.

Please note that bigger assets often make the artificial sex partner heavier. That is true here. Deloris weighs 49 kilograms. She’d be lighter than that if she were only a sex doll. But sex robots have motors, and hence, they are heavier. That means some sex positions are impossible to do when she is your partner.

Now, on the topic of Deloris being a sex robot. You can give this sex doll commands. For example, you can make her sing or shift language. As with the dolls above, she also is integrated with deep learning. So, she will become smarter the more you talk to her. 

This sex robot has a 4.3″ screen on her back for WiFi, Settings, etc.

Stasia – 157cm | 5′ 1″ – N Cup [AI Sex Robot]

Top 5 AI Sex Robots

Are you into redheads? Sex robot Stasia is one of them, so you may want to check her out if you have that fetish.

Stasia is not just any redhead – she is a fiery hot one. This woman has humongous N-cup breasts, a tiny waist, and a big butt. You can complement her for having those assets and see how she reacts. Yes, this sex doll can talk. But words are not the only things that can come out of that mouth. She is also capable of moaning. Every time you touch her private parts, this sex robot will make sexy noises that will turn you on. That will make you ready for intense anal or regular sex with this robot. 

Robbyn – 160cm | 5′ 2″ – H Cup [AI Sex Robot]

Top 5 AI Sex Robots

Contrary to popular belief, sex dolls are not only for sex. Their humanlike appearance makes them great for companionship. This effect intensifies when the sex dolls look and feel very lifelike. And adding artificial intelligence to the equation takes that to another level.

Robbyn proves that. She is a blonde AI sex robot who people would assume is a real person if they saw only her pictures. Because she is that convincing, plus she has anatomically accurate anal and vaginal orifices, sex with her feels like actual sex. 

That’s not the end of it. Robbyn can also hold conversations and do movements like head-turning motions or blinking. She also has an internal heating system, enabling her to give warm hugs. That also makes the insides of her orifices warm, as if Robbyn is alive.

That said, Robbyn is indeed one of the best AI sex robots you can find.

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