Top 5 Alexis Tae Love Dolls

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Top 5 Alexis Tae Love Dolls

Alexis Tae is one of the top emerging actresses in the AV industry. She started her porn career in 2019, and in her first year, she already starred in over 50 videos. That’s a testament to how popular she quickly became.

Perhaps you are one of her fans. You want to know what having sex with Alexis Tae feels like. Unfortunately, that dream may forever remain a dream. You could be living in a country ocean away from her. And AV actresses are not known to do world tours. 

Maybe you can meet her if she decides to go on a vacation in your country. But how likely is that? Also, what are the chances of you two meeting and her agreeing to have sex with you? It is abysmally low.

Additionally, you have to remember that porn actress are very careful about who they sleep with. Their job revolves around sexuality, so getting STDs will destroy their careers. Thus, they don’t have sex with strangers they meet somewhere.

That said, sleeping with Alexis Tae may as well be called a delusion; it will not happen. But sex dolls are here to rescue your broken heart. 

Some sex doll models look like the 25-year-old black-haired porn actress. You can use them to satisfy your sexual desire.

There are so many black-haired sex dolls in the market, though. Filtering them to see the ones that look like Alexis Tae will take some time. And you are unsure about which of those are up to standards.

Don’t worry because you don’t have to do that. In this article, you will see the top 5 Alexis Tae sex dolls. Without further ado, let’s proceed with the list. 

Bali – 5’2″ (158cm)

Top 5 Alexis Tae Love Dolls

Bali has a similar facial structure as Alexis Tae. She also has black hair, dark-colored eyes, and tanned skin. Thus, she is a great option for an Alexis Tae sex doll.

The similarities do not end in those basic things. Alexis Tae has A-cup breasts, and that’s what this sex doll has too. Also, Bali has a tiny waist and a shapely butt. These assets make her resemble Alexis Tae even more. 

This sex doll is 5 foot 2 inches tall – 4 inches shorter than Alexis. Furthermore, Bali weighs only 33 kilograms while Alexis weighs 52 kilograms. That is great news because sex dolls are inanimate objects, meaning they can’t make themselves “lighter.” And you will do lots of lifting when using or maintaining a sex doll. 

Bali is capable of oral sex, anal sex, and vaginal intercourse. 

Sara – 5’4″ (163cm)

Top 5 Alexis Tae Love Dolls

Sara is another black-haired, brown-eyed sex doll. And like Alexis Tae, she has a pretty face and a smoking hot body.

This sex doll has whiter skin than Alexis Tae. But you can fix that through customization. You can set her skin color to tan – free of charge – and the manufacturer will make her as you requested.

One key difference between Sara and Alexis is their breast size. Sara has big boobs while the porn actress is flat-chested. But would you really complain? Without a doubt, you were wishing Alexis had bigger boobs. This sex doll allows you what she would have looked like if that was the case.

Other than that, they are very similar. Sara and Alexis both have a small waist and bubble butt. 

Sara has oral, anal, and vaginal sex capabilities.

Yui – 5’4″ (163cm)

Top 5 Alexis Tae Love Dolls

Yui has black hair, tan skin, and brown eyes. Again, those are Alexis Tae’s colors. So, she is a great option. Because Yui is not a Caucasian sex doll, she possesses exotic beauty, much like Alexis. However, she is obviously Asian, and Alexis is not. Still, they look similar. 

Yui is 5 foot 4 inches tall – 2 inches shorter than Alexis, a negligible difference. She shares Alexis’ hourglass body shape, but her hips and bust are slightly bigger. For context, Alexis Tae’s BWH measurements are 32 – 25 – 30 inches. Meanwhile, Yui has 34 – 24 – 37 inches. But you would not notice the difference unless you have slept with the actual Alexis Tae. 

Now, what about this sex doll’s sexual capabilities? Well, she is going to wow you. Yui has anatomically accurate and deep orifices that will make you feel like you are having real sex.

GLINDA – 156CM | 5′ 1″ [AI SEX ROBOT]

Top 5 Alexis Tae Love Dolls

Glinda is special because she is not a sex doll. Instead, she is a sex robot. What can Glinda do that sex dolls can’t? For starters, Glinda can blink, smile, turn her head, and move his mouth as she speaks. You read that right; Glinda can speak and hold conversations. Unfortunately, that means she can’t have oral sex because it may damage the mechanisms in her mouth.

Don’t let the absence of oral sex capabilities deter you from choosing this Alexis Tae sex robot. She has support for internal body heating and moaning systems. Thus, regular and anal sex with her will surely be pleasurable. 

As for her looks, Glinda is a black-haired woman. Her skin color is white, but you can customize it to be brown to match Alexis Tae’s skin. 

CORRINE – 160CM | 5′ 2″ – A CUP (HEAD: WM 70)

Top 5 Alexis Tae Love Dolls

Corrine shows a striking resemblance to Alexis Tae. They have similar facial bone structures. Also, they are both black-haired and brown-eyed. Corrine is white, though. But again, it is nothing free customization will not fix.

This sex doll’s body type also matches Alexis Tae’s build. She has A-cup breasts, a tiny waist, and a fine ass. Indeed, she is among your best options. 

Corrine’s physique is not the only thing that will impress you. This sex doll is a sex master. She has anal, oral, and vaginal sex capabilities, and you can improve those capabilities with add-ons. You can equip Corrine with an enhanced mouth to make oral sex more satisfying. Or, you can give her an internal heating system to make intercourse and anal play hotter.

Take this Alexis Tae sex doll home, and see what you are missing without her in your life.

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