Top 5 Jenna Foxx Love Dolls

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Top 5 Jenna Foxx Love Dolls

Jenna Foxx – or Tara Foxx – is a Canadian pornographic actress residing in the US. She runs two websites: and Furthermore, she has modeled for some clothing brands and products like straps and dildos. And she has been nominated several times for different categories in many AVN Awards, Nightmoves Awards, and Xbiz Awards.

Needless to say, Jenna Foxx loves exploring sexuality. And women like that are admirable. On top of that, she is a proud owner of a beautiful face and a gorgeous body. So, she is turning on men left and right. 

Do you want to have sex with Jenna Foxx? It will not be surprising if you do. But have you considered the odds of that dream turning into reality? The stars need to align, and Lady Luck must be smiling at you for that to happen. In other words, it is borderline impossible.

Why is that? Because you need to be an AV actor for that to happen. Most porn stars do not date because of the nature of their work. Also, they spend a lot of money to get tested for STDs to book a scene. Thus, they don’t go around having sex with strangers. 

Thankfully, sex dolls exist. You can use these synthetic love partners to turn any sexual fantasy into reality. That includes your dreams about having sex with a porn star.

There is no real “Jenna Foxx” sex doll. However, many sex dolls look like her. With minor tweaks in how the sex dolls look, you can make them the replica of your favorite adult entertainer.

Allow this article to expedite your search for a Jenna Foxx sex doll. You can find the 5 best models for that here. 

158cm (5ft2′) Thicc Ass with Big Breast Sex Doll – Sassy

Top 5 Jenna Foxx Love Dolls

Sassy is a black-haired sex doll with light brown skin. If that skin color is not dark enough for you, you can customize her to have brown skin instead. Also, you would want to change her blue eyes to brown. The good news is that changing those things is free.

After doing those, you will see how much alike Sassy and Jenna Foxx are. They both have bodacious bodies that will turn you into a sex maniac. Sassy’s BWH measurements are 37.4 – 22.8 – 41.3 inches – those are very sexy, extra-wide hips. On top of that, Sassy has a big bubble butt. 

This sex doll will help you get rid of your erection using her 5.1 inches deep mouth. If that’s not enough, she’ll use her 6.7 inches deep anal hole or 7.5 inches deep vagina. These orifices will leave you speechless from extreme pleasure.

158cm (5ft2′) Ebony Silicone Sex Doll – Sarah

Top 5 Jenna Foxx Love Dolls

Look at Jenna Foxx’s photo, then look at this sex doll. It feels like you are looking at the same person because of their similarities. That said, Sarah is a fantastic option if you are looking for a Jenna Foxx sex doll.

This sex doll’s likeness to Jenna Foxx is not the only thing she has going for her. She has a body that will give you rock-hard erections. Sarah’s body has an hourglass shape; her BWH measurements are 29.9 – 25.2 – 31.9 inches. And she has perky breasts and a fine ass.

The best thing is that Sarah has anal, oral, and vaginal sex capabilities and all of her orifices are ultra-realistic.

Exclusive Nava – 168cm (5ft6′) African-American WM Dolls

Top 5 Jenna Foxx Love Dolls

Nava is an ebony sex doll that looks like Jenna Foxx. She has long, black, wavy hair and brown eyes – the same as what the porn actress has. Additionally, she has a sexy body that will make you horny. This sex doll has small A-cup boobs, a tiny waist, and a cute, fine butt. She has a tiny frame and, therefore, is lightweight. You can easily carry and move this 28-kilogram sex doll.

Nava’s orifices are impressive. Her mouth is 5.1 inches deep, while her anal hole is 6.7 inches deep. But the best one is her 7.5 inches deep vagina. Most men can go balls deep in that. And because her vagina is anatomically accurate, the experience will be extremely pleasurable.

158cm (5ft2′) Jiggly Tits & Wide Jiggly Hips Sex Doll – Katrina

Top 5 Jenna Foxx Love Dolls

Katrina has the same face shape as Jenna Foxx. She also has long black hair. However, Katrina is a lot whiter than Jenna Foxx. But don’t worry; you can easily fix that through free customization. The same goes for her blue eyes – you can replace them with brown ones. Do that, and she will look like Jenna Foxx (a sexier version, even.)

What’s so special about this sex doll is her incredible assets. Katrina has extra large breasts with large areolas and wide hips. Since she is a TPE sex doll, her breasts are as soft and jiggly; it is as if they were real. You will love watching how they bounce as you have fun with her deep vagina. 

This sex doll also has oral and anal orifices.

155cm (5ft1′) DD-Cup! Big Breast and Thin Waist with Head #58

Top 5 Jenna Foxx Love Dolls

This sex doll has long, black, wavy hair and a darker complexion. Her body is also similar to what Jenna Fox has. Their breasts are about the same size. 

However, the main difference is their facial structures. This sex doll’s eye and nose shapes don’t match Jenna Foxx’s nose and eyes. So, we recommend going to the customization options and choosing head #64. And don’t forget to set the skin color to “tan.” With that, you can fix this minor problem and create a super sexy sex doll replica of Jenna Foxx.

This sex doll has oral, anal, and vaginal orifices, with depths of 51, 6.7, and 6.7 inches, respectively. She also has an articulated metallic skeleton and weighs only 28 kilograms. You know what that means. You can have sex with this sex doll in different sex positions without problems. It is as if you are doing it with an actual porn star.

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