Top 5 Lenina Crowne Love Dolls

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Top 5 Lenina Crowne Love Dolls

Lenina Crowne is a popular porn star. This redhead was nominated for the XBIZ Awards for 10″Best Actress” and “Female Performer of the Year” in 2020. The same year, Lenina Crowne was nominated for the AVN Awards for “?Best Upcoming Actress.” And one year after that, she got nominated for “Best Supporting Actress.” She did not win these, but the fact that she got nominations is already a statement. This redhead chic is entertaining to watch.

Perhaps you are among the men who love masturbating to porn starring Lenina Crowne. Let us tell you something better than that. You can use sex dolls instead of pocket pussies, or, worse, your hands. 

Modern sex dolls look like real humans. And their skin and orifices feel real too. On top of that, they are highly customizable. So, you can make one resemble your celebrity crush.

You can have a fully-customized Lenina Crowne sex doll built for you. But making that will take a lot of time. Additionally, manufacturers would not agree to make copies of real people unless you have their consent. So, it may not be possible to get that doll.

So, your best option is to get a Lenina Crowne lookalike sex doll. Change its eye, skin, or hair color to better match the said porn star. Then you use that to satisfy your sexual desire.

So, which dolls are the best to buy if you want a Lenina Crowne sex doll? Find them below:


Top 5 Lenina Crowne Love Dolls

Mary is a sexy ginger sex doll. So, the resemblance to Lenina Crowne is there. Just change her eye color to blue, and you’ll get what you want. She will look like Lenina Crowne.

This sex doll is only 5 feet tall. So, she is a lot shorter than Lenina Crowne, who is approximately 5 foot 10 inches tall. But that’s okay – Mary being smaller means she is lighter. Lenina Crowne reportedly weighs 55 kilograms. That is okay because she is a live human, meaning she can support her own body. A sex doll as heavy as her would be a different story. You will have difficulty using that doll. Thankfully, since Mary is small, she only weighs 33.5 kilograms.

This Lenina Crowne sex doll has oral, anal, and vaginal sex capabilities. These orifices, combined with her huge breasts and big butt, will surely fill you with sexual excitement. 


Top 5 Lenina Crowne Love Dolls

This sex doll looks like she is the shorter, thinner twin of Lenina Crowne. She is a redhead with blue eyes, a perfect nose, kissable lips, and an overall pretty face. If you disregard the differences in their body measurements, you’ll think Odessa is the official sex doll replica of Lenina Crowne.

And speaking of body measurements, this sex doll has impressive proportions. Her BWH measurements are 31.9 – 22.8 – 34.3 inches. Indeed, that is a slightly skinnier version of Lenina Crowne’s 34 – 26 – 38 inches. Both of them have hot hourglass-shaped bodies.

Now, onto the more important measurements. This sex doll has oral, anal, and vaginal orifices. These have depths of 4.1, 6.3, and 6.7 inches, respectively. These are anatomically accurate. So, you will feel like you are having sex with the real Lenina Crowne.


Top 5 Lenina Crowne Love Dolls

Perhaps when watching Lenina Crowne, your focus is on her big breasts. If that is the case, you will love this sex doll. Annie is a ginger sex doll with K-cup breasts. Massaging those will surely be satisfying. You can also use them for breast sex if you want to. Put your penis between them and start thrusting. They are big enough to cause pleasurable stimulation.

What’s great about this sex doll is you don’t need to change anything on her to make her look like Lenina Crowne. Annie is a gorgeous blue-eyed ginger lady, exactly what Lenina is like. 

Please note that sex dolls with big assets are typically heavier than other dolls. This particular one weighs 40 kilograms. So, you may need to be strong to enjoy using this sex doll fully. 

Still, Annie is a solid choice, especially because of her 7.1-inches deep vagina. Her 6.7-inches deep anal orifice and 5.1 inches oral orifice is not too shabby either. 


Top 5 Lenina Crowne Love Dolls

Lenina Crowne’s breasts are not her only eye-catching assets. This ginger porn star is also a proud owner of wide hips. As mentioned above, her hip size is 38 inches. And her tiny waist accentuates that.

Aleah, a redheaded TPE sex doll, also looks like that. Admittedly, her breasts and hips are larger than Lenina Crowne’s. She has H-cup breasts, while Crowne’s are only E-cup breasts. Meanwhile, the hips are only 5 inches wider than Crowne’s, so it is not as noticeable. But here’s the thing. Aleah is only 2 inches shorter than Lenina Crowne. Therefore, she is an almost accurate replica of the said porn actress. That is a strong reason to opt for this sex doll.

This sex doll is capable of anal, oral, and vaginal sex. She also has a flexible metallic skeleton that allows different sex positions. However, please note that this sex doll is quite heavy. So, not everything in Kama Sutra may be possible.


Top 5 Lenina Crowne Love Dolls

Maybe you are not that concerned with accuracy. All you want is a sex doll whose face looks like Lenina Crowne’s. Also, you value ease of use more. If that is the case, Tamika is the Lenina Crowne sex doll for you. 

Tamika is blue-eyed ginger, just like Lenina Crowne. Unlike the other sex dolls on this list, her body sizes don’t match the body sizes of the said porn star. For starters, this sex doll has small breasts – only A-cups. She is also only 5 feet tall.

However, Tamika is so easy to use. You can take full advantage of her articulated skeleton because she is lightweight; Tamika weighs only 30 kilograms. Thus, you can carry her, lift her, and put her in different positions without breaking a sweat. What will make you sweat is the intense sex you will have with her. This sex doll has three amazing orifices. 

Of all the sex dolls on this list, Tamika has the deepest oral orifice. So consider choosing her if you want Lenina Crowne to give you deepthroats. 

That is the end of this blog. These are the top 5 Lenina Crowne sex dolls.

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