Top 5 Paige Owens Love Dolls

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Top 5 Paige Owens Love Dolls

Paige Owens is one of the up-and-coming porn actresses; she started her career in 2020 and made a great first impression. This then-23-year-old lady got two nominations for AVN Awards in her first year in the industry. The categories were “Best New Actress” and “Best MFM Threesome Scene.” That attests to how good she is at entertaining men. Also, it shows that viewers love watching this pretty lady in action.

Perhaps you are one of those viewers. You want to know what having Paige in your bed feels like. But you know it is likely not going to happen. 

A porn star is busy filming scenes. So Paige Owens may not have the energy to have sex outside of work. Also, they exercise extreme caution to avoid STDs. That is a career-ender for them. And it’s not like they can easily move on to other jobs after that. You know how society views porn stars; people love watching them, but they shame them at the same time.

There is still a method you can use to satisfy that desire. It is not with the real Paige Owens, though. And it is not with someone dressed up as Paige Owens – that’s disrespectful to the lady playing her. Instead, it is with a sex doll that looks like Owens.

Modern sex dolls are so realistic. Thus, you will feel like you are dancing in the sheets with Paige Owens. The best thing is that neither you nor the sex doll needs to worry about STDs. Furthermore, a Paige Owens sex doll will not leave you because she has to film a scene. She is all yours.

So what are you waiting for? It is time for you to buy a sex doll to fulfill your fantasies. Use this guide to find the best models available. Here are the top 5 Paige Owens sex dolls. 

170cm (5ft7′) C-Cup Sex Doll with a Big Butt – Keyra

Top 5 Paige Owens Love Dolls

Brown hair, sexy body, pretty face – check. Those similarities between Keyra and Paige Owens make her a solid choice for a Paige Owens sex doll.

Admittedly, some differences make them not look like the same person. For example, Keyra has blue eyes, while Paige Owens has brown eyes. Also, Keyra is 5 foot 7 inches tall, while Owens is only 5 foot 3 inches tall.

You can solve problem number 1 by customizing her to have brown eyes. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about her height. But it’s easy to ignore. It is not like you have seen Owens in person and have measured her height. With her glorious orifices, it is even easier to forgive Keyra for having a few inches more than needed. 

This sex doll has deep, realistic anal, oral, and vaginal orifices. 

# 156cm (5ft1′) G – Cup Multiple Heads!

Top 5 Paige Owens Love Dolls

Here’s a sex doll with a height closer to Paige Owen’s height. But this time, she is shorter than the said porn actress. Aside from that, there is not much difference between the two.

This sex doll has a youthful look – one of the 25-year-old porn actress’ charms. On top of that, she shares Paige Owen’s hair color – brown. According to a survey, brunettes are the most attractive people. And we can’t talk about porn stars without praising their incredible bodies. Paige Owens has an amazing hourglass-shaped body. This sex doll has that too.

This 5-foot-1-inch tall brunette sex doll is complete with three penetrable orifices. They have varying depths, tightness, and textures – just like an actual person’s mouth, anus, and vagina. 

170cm (5ft7′) Porn Star Sex Doll – Suzie

Top 5 Paige Owens Love Dolls

Paige Owens is Caucasian, brunette, and a sexy lady. And so is Suzie. This 5 foot 7 inches tall sex doll has a slender build. Her assets will give you boners every time you think of her. She has a big bubble butt, a tiny waist, and shapely breasts. 

Additionally, she has deep and ultra-realistic orifices. Suzie’s vagina is 7.5 inches deep. Her anus is 6.7 inches deep, and her mouth is 5.1 inches deep. Indeed, this sex doll will make you feel like you are getting it on with a porn star.

Please note that this sex doll is 45 kilograms. So, she is a little heavy. You may need to hit the gym if you want to be able to carry her easily.

163cm (5ft4′) D-Cup Real Love Doll – Bess

Top 5 Paige Owens Love Dolls

Bess’s height is closer to Paige Owens’ – she is 5 foot 4 inches tall. Their body shape is also the same; both have an hourglass shape. Bess BWH measurements are 32 – 21 – 32 inches, close to Owens’ 34 – 22 -32 inches. Furthermore, Bess is a young brunette, just like Paige Owens.

This D-cup-breasted sex doll is terrific in the bedroom. She can give you amazing blowjobs with her 5.1 inches deep oral orifice. Moreover, Bess has not only intercourse but also anal sex capabilities. Her vagina is 6.7 inches deep, and her anal hole is 6 inches deep. Therefore, men with average-sized penises can go in balls-deep.

On top of that, Bess has a flexible skeleton and weighs only 33 kilograms. Thus, sex in different positions is easily achievable with her as your partner.

# 158cm (5ft2′) Fat Doll with C-cup BBW

Top 5 Paige Owens Love Dolls

We are not saying Paige Owens is fat. But if she was a little fat, this is what she probably looked like. She’s still sexually attractive.

This sex doll is 5 foot 2 inches tall and has a youthful look. So, she has some likeness to Paige Owens. And with customization, you can make her look like the brunette porn actress even more. Speaking of that, the first thing you want to do is change her black hair to brown by choosing a different wig. You don’t have to pay extra to do that.

This sex doll’s orifices are impressive. Her anal hole is as deep as her vagina – that’s rare. They are both 6.7 inches deep. With these orifices, this Paige Owens sex doll will make you feel like you’re the luckiest man alive.

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