Top 6 Piper Sex Dolls

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Top 6 Piper Sex Dolls

What exactly is a high-quality sex doll? First and foremost, it is made of non-hazardous, hypoallergenic components. Then it must appear realistic. When you touch the sex doll, you should be caressing a real person. Similarly, sex with it should feel authentic.

There are several low-quality sex dolls available. The best approach to minimize them is to only buy from well-known brands.

Anime and Japanese cartoons continue to rule the world today. Many people today are obsessed with anime, Japanese films, or cartoons. Obsessions of this nature can lead to dreams of sexual encounters with one’s favorite Japanese woman. Fortunately, there is a sex doll manufacturing firm that exists to fulfill your fantasies.

Piper Doll is one of the market’s most popular doll brands. They are precisely designed and given to life by the famed Mizuwali, a sex doll designer and photographer. Piper Dolls are renowned for their extraordinary quality and stunning Japanese and cartoon-inspired design. They’re handcrafted using Piper Doll’s own Platinum TPE composition.

The seamless neck connection and body are distinguishing features that set it apart from other manufacturers. Although the heads are not detachable, customization options are still possible.

We would like you to locate your dream girlfriend as quickly as possible. Therefore you don’t have to go through every official Piper Sex Dolls distributor to find the greatest models. Here’s a rundown of the top six.

Jessica Plus 150 cm / 4ft11 L cup – Piper Doll

Top 6 Piper Sex Dolls

Jessica is a redhead babe with an enormous bosom you’d want on your bed. Because of her hair, she resembles Ariel from the Disney film or perhaps your favorite Japanese anime character. She also has a stunning face and a flawless figure.

Jessica is only 4 feet 11 inches tall; therefore, she might be too small for you. That’s also a big plus because, while she’s only a petite sex doll, she’s not too heavy; Jessica only weighs 31.5 pounds, making her easy to transport.

Don’t let anything stop you because if you give this Piper sex doll a chance, she will provide you with wonderful nights. Jessica has a bubble butt and gorgeous L-cup breasts. She also has three beautiful orifices.

Jessica, on the other hand, will never let you down. Even if you’re lying in bed, she can make you feel as if you’re in heaven.

Jenna 162 cm / 5ft 3 C cup – Piper Doll 

Top 6 Piper Sex Dolls

This Piper sex doll may not appear Asian, yet her images will leave you speechless. Her skin may not appear Asian to you, yet it is as white and silky as that of your favorite Japanese character.

Jenna’s breasts aren’t as large as Jessica’s, but she can still pleasure you. Jenna has C-cup gel breasts, allowing you to feel her bust’s softness and sensitivity and touch it at leisure.

Please remember that Jenna is only 5 feet 3 inches tall and may be too heavy for you. Jenna weighs 42 kg, which is neither too light nor too heavy. Her BWH is 31.4 – 21.6 – 37.7 inches if you want exact measurements.

This voluptuous sex doll can have oral, anal, and vaginal sex. These holes are massive and will not let you down.

Miyuki 160 cm / 5ft 1 L-Cup – Piper Doll

Top 6 Piper Sex Dolls

Because of the name, you can presume this sex doll is Japanese. Thus, if you like Japanese women, this sex doll might suit you.

Miyuki is a stunning sex doll from Piper. Her hair color and white complexion give her an angelic appearance. This love doll, like Jessica, has a lot of assets. They both have L-cup breasts, petite waists, and toned abs.

Considering its massive assets, you might think this love doll is hefty. It would help if you had clarification; Miyuki only weighs 30.5 kilograms, so you can easily transport her anywhere.

Another appealing feature of this sex doll is that she has large orifices that will leave you feeling as if you are getting intimate with someone.

Alice Tanned XMAS 165 cm / 5ft 5 L-cup Big Breast – Doll-forever

Top 6 Piper Sex Dolls

If you like tanned women, Alice is the girl for you. Even if it isn’t yet a holiday, this sex doll will most likely make you feel as if it is because of the gift she can give you.

Alice, like the preceding sex dolls, is a busty sex doll. This sex doll will keep you entertained in the most erotic way conceivable. She’ll let you do whatever you desire with her gorgeous figure.

If you want to see how great her body figure is, check out her BWH measurements: 35 – 20 – 39 – her large breasts are suitable for her small waist, resulting in a heavenly figure.

Do you desire to get your hands on her boobs? Go ahead and do it. Or do you want to try something more daring, like placing your manhood in her mouth? Alice will allow you to do the same. She is also willing to engage in intercourse or anal sex. Alice will do anything to make you satisfied.

Catie 165 cm / 5ft 5 B cup Small Breast – Doll-forever 

Top 6 Piper Sex Dolls

Catie is the sex doll you’ve been looking for if you think ladies with petite breasts are more sexy and beautiful.

Catie is a lovely lady with beautiful brown hair, silky skin, and a stunning face. She is a Japanese actress who prefers daring and mature parts.

She stands at 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 31 pounds; this lets you fully utilize her steel skeleton with adjustable joints. With this combo and Catie’s anal, oral, and vaginal sex powers, you can perform a wide range of sex positions with her. Isn’t that incredible?

Gilly 165 cm / 5ft 5 B cup Small Breast – Doll-forever

Top 6 Piper Sex Dolls

Gilly is a sex doll who appears to be younger. She has a beautiful brown complexion, long black hair, and excellent facial characteristics. She’s as stunning as the other sex dolls.

Gilly is a sex doll with tiny breasts. She is also the same height as Catie. She also has a lovely shape, with a small waist and wide hips.

Her orifices are what distinguishes this doll. Her anal orifice measures 5.9 inches in depth, while her vaginal orifice measures 7 inches in depth. The oral orifice of other sex dolls is substantially shallower than the vaginal orifice. On the other hand, Gilly’s is 5 inches deep and capable of giving you excellent deepthroats; this places this sex doll among the top six Piper Sex Dolls.

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