Top 6 Starpery Sex Dolls

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Top 6 Starpery Sex Dolls

To quench your sexual cravings, you seek someone who shares your inclinations. It’s much easier said than done. Even for attractive people, finding the right mate takes time. Envision how it is for those who are not gifted with beauty. 

Some people have kinks and fetishes that others find strange. Others want sex with a character from a cartoon series, “Phineas and Ferb,” while others want sex with an elf or a demon. 

Many guys have given up on their obsessions due to difficulty fulfilling them. Please do not tread in their footsteps. Sex dolls are your best friends – or finest sex partners – in times like this. 

One of the top sex doll brands today is Starpery. Starpery sex dolls are unique not only because of the high-quality materials utilized to make them but also because of their amazing physical detail. Every Starpery sex doll has a distinct personality. 

There are many trustworthy providers of Starpery Sex Dolls out there. But searching for dolls oneself could be arduous, especially because some wholesalers also fail to sort sex dolls by brand.

But don’t worry since we did all the labor for you. Instead of going through endless sex doll models, you can focus on the top 6 Starpery Sex Dolls below.

Rong 151cm C-Cup / 4ft9 Starpery Sex Doll

Top 6 Starpery Sex Dolls

Rong is a petite sex doll with a young appearance but wild in bed. Her hair is long, chestnut, straight, and lovely. Her face possesses the “golden ratio,” making her look like a model.

And we haven’t even mentioned her stunning body. The breasts on this sex doll are huge C-cups. They are also gel-filled, so they jiggle and feel like actual breasts. You’ll like having them in your hands.

Aside from that, Rong has broad hips and a large butt. So every asset she possesses is fantastic. They will provide you with rock-hard boners.

Rong is a TPE or silicone sex doll, and you can select which material to utilize in this love doll. Whatever you select, Rong will always have incredible depths in his oral, anal, and vaginal orifices. 

Ursula BBW H-Cup 161cm / 5ft3 Starpery Sex Doll

Top 6 Starpery Sex Dolls

If you like busty sex dolls, this love doll is most likely made for you. Ursula is a Starpery H-cupped sex doll. The distinction between this love doll and Rong is that Rong is significantly slimmer than Ursula. However, this is good because this love doll has more functions than you believe. 

Ursula is not as naïve as Rong appears to be. This adult sex doll will immediately lure you into bed to have fun with her. 

They are equivalent in terms of sexual attraction. Ursula had massive papaya breasts, with the weight pressing downwards. Her thin waist, as do her big hips, which measure nearly 49 inches, emphasize them. These measures give her an hourglass figure. 

Ursula is yet another silicone sex doll of medical quality. As a result, unless you select soft-head as a customization option, she cannot provide blowjobs. She can, however, provide great anal and vaginal sex. Her orifices are 6.7 and 7.5 inches long, respectively.

Natalia Vr2 D-Cup 165cm / 5ft5 Starpery Sex Doll 

Top 6 Starpery Sex Dolls

Natalia is a Starpery redhead sex doll. Natalia, like the previous sex doll, has a fresh face that makes her look more like a divine being. Her face appears young, but her lovely figure will undoubtedly drive you insane. 

Natalia has a sex goddess’s body. Her BWH measures are almost exactly 36 – 24 – 36 inches. Her measurements are 34.6 – 25.6 – 43.4 inches. But who would object to a few extra inches around the waist and hips? Her breasts, like the prior two dolls, are gel-filled. As a result, they are not only large but also quite realistic.

Natalia, like Ursula, cannot provide her mouth for blowjobs unless you select the Soft Head option. She still has a 6.7-inch anal aperture and a 7.5-inch vaginal opening.

Yvonne Eve Tan D-Cup 174cm / 5ft9 Starpery Sex Doll

Top 6 Starpery Sex Dolls

Yvonne is a doll with long, straight black hair and a face that might win a beauty competition. Her beauty can also be classified as a celebrity; that is how stunning and flawless this sex doll is. 

The head of Yvonne is constructed of silicone. As a result, she is unable to perform oral sex. If you pay more to give her a Soft Head, she’ll have a 5.1-inch-deep oral hole.

Depending on your preferences, her body can be TPE or silicone. TPE bodies are slightly lighter than silicone bodies. If the body is composed of TPE, the vaginal and anal orifices are 7 and 6.3 inches deep, respectively. The depths for a silicone body are 7.5 and 6.7 inches deep.

Iris Light Tan D-Cup 171 cm / 5ft8 Starpery Sex Doll

Top 6 Starpery Sex Dolls

Iris is one of Starpery’s most stunning sex dolls. Her skin is delicate and lightly tanned, and her hair is maroon. Iris also has a model-like face and a pear-shaped figure.

Iris has C-cup spherical boobs that resemble whole nibbles. She also has amazing hips that are 36.6 inches broad, a petite waist, and a bubble butt.

This 5’8″ tall sex doll features an articulated skeleton with movable joints that allows you to configure her in various positions; this opens numerous options for new sex positions. Please remember that Iris’ body can be composed of silicone or TPE, so only anal and vaginal intercourse may be possible with her; it’s entirely up to you.

Queen G-Cup 105cm / 3ft4 Starpery Sex Doll Torso 

Top 6 Starpery Sex Dolls

If you enjoy sex dolls with large breasts but are also lightweight, you might like this one from Starpery. 

Queen is a torso sex doll, so she is relatively light. Because this love doll is only 3 feet and 4 inches tall, you will have no trouble transporting her. 

Queen’s BWH measures are 34.6 – 24.4 – 36.2, forming a bottom hourglass-shaped physique that is quite lovely.    

This sex doll is sure to keep you company late at night. Queen, although being a torso sex doll, has two orifices: vaginal and anal. Both have a lot of depth and will make you happy as a punch. The Soft Head premium option then adds an oral opening to this doll, allowing you to satisfy your dreams of a woman sucking your manhood.    

That concludes the list; these are the top six Starpery sex dolls you should consider before moving on to other models.     

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