Top 7 Virile Male Sex Dolls

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Top 7 Virile Male Sex Dolls

Women, non-binary individuals, and non-cisgender men want sex just as much as straight men do. In a perfect world, they will have partners that match their sexual preferences. Sadly, the real world is not like that; the majority of people are straight men and women. And in some places, women talking about sexuality is taboo. Thus, for some, finding a sex partner is difficult.

But don’t get this wrong. Even those who have relationship partners are sometimes not satisfied. One of the main reasons is their partners don’t have that high of a sex drive. 

Here is an easy fix to that problem. People who are having trouble with their sex lives should try using sex dolls. These products are always available; you can use them whenever you feel horny. Unlike humans, they don’t get tired. So, you can have as many rounds of sex with them as you want. 

Now is also the best time to buy sex dolls. Instead of making do with inflatable ones, which are underwhelming, you can buy TPE or silicone ones. These look like real humans. Additionally, they feel like real humans.

Furthermore, sex dolls used to be females only. But the world has progressed and realized men are not the only ones with sexual needs. And so, there are now male sex dolls on the market.

Admittedly, male sex dolls are still few. And not many brands have mastered the art of making them. But don’t worry because you don’t have to do some intensive searching to find your dream man. You can just use this article. 

Without further ado, let us see the top 7 virile male sex dolls.

Andry Premium Male Sex Doll

Top 7 Virile Male Sex Dolls

This sex doll is from WM doll, the most respected and awarded sex doll brand. So, you can rest assured they know what they are doing with their products. Therefore, this sex doll is automatically one of the best out there.

Andry is a good-looking man. If we look at the definition of virile, it says it means “having strength, energy, and a strong sex drive.” Andry looks the part. He has a muscular body and is ready for sex whenever you want it.

This sex doll has a big penis and a tight, penetrable anal hole. So you will find pleasure in having his company, whether you are with male or female body parts.

Nicholas 162cm / 5ft3 Male Doll – IronTech Doll

Top 7 Virile Male Sex Dolls

Do you like men with that sexy, rugged look? If so, Nicholas may be the man of your dreams. He has that quite unkempt hair and body built from manual labor. Look at his 6-pack abs and say he is not a snack. Most people who have seen him can’t.

The best thing is that this virile man is down to get dirty anytime. His long and girthy manhood is always ready for action. If you have a penis of your own, Nicholas will also allow you to put that in his mouth or his anus.

Liam Premium Male Sex Doll

Top 7 Virile Male Sex Dolls

Liam is cool; he is an attractive silver-haired bad boy. He looks good in black, he looks good in red, and he looks so good naked. This virile sex male sex doll has an athletic build. He has nice pecs and washboard abs.

Giving Liam the Simulated Breathing add-on is a great idea. It will make him look real. Additionally, that movement will make his muscular torso look even hotter. It will make you thirst for him even more.

This sex doll can receive anal or oral sex. Of course, he can also be the one penetrating you.

Charles Big 175cm / 5ft9 Male Doll – IronTech Doll

Top 7 Virile Male Sex Dolls

Charles is tall, dark, and handsome. He is 5 foot 9 inches tall, which is uncommon even for sex dolls. On top of that, Charles has a manly face, complete with a defined jawline. You may have noticed that he seems to be an older man. That qualifies him as a DILF. If you have that fetish, he’s the answer to your prayers.

This hunk has a 6.2 inches deep anal orifice and a 4.7 inches deep oral orifice. Charles can have a 5.9 inches long or 9.8 inches long penis, depending on your preferences.

 Horny James 175cm / 5ft9 Male Doll – IronTech Doll

Top 7 Virile Male Sex Dolls

Are you a Lebron James fan who wants to sleep with him? The guy is married, so there is no chance of that happening. You don’t have to say goodbye to that dream, though. You can still satisfy that desire with this sex doll. 

Horny James is a Lebron James lookalike. They are both tall and black. Admittedly, Horny James is a foot shorter than the basketball superstar. But that’s just how celebrity lookalike sex dolls go; they can’t look exactly like the people they copy. 

This virile man sex doll can be either the penetrator or the penetrated.

Warrior Charles 162cm / 5ft3 Male Doll – IronTech Doll

Top 7 Virile Male Sex Dolls

This sex doll has an admirable physique. His well-defined torso, muscular arms, and legs make him look perfect in his warrior outfit. On top of that, he also has a handsome face.

Warrior Charles’ “sword” is legendary; it sends people to Cloud 9. And it can be what you want it to be. If you prefer an average-length penis, it will be 6 inches long. On the other hand, if you want it big, it will be 9.8 inches long.

Charles 162cm / 5ft3 Male Doll – IronTech Doll

Top 7 Virile Male Sex Dolls

It seems Charles is a popular name for a virile man sex doll. Here is the third one with that name.

This Charles is younger-looking than the other two. Other than that, there is not much difference. They are all equally amazing.

This 5 foot 3 inches tall sex doll has penetrable anal and oral orifices. Also, he has a thick penis. As with the other dolls, you get to decide how big Charles’ penis will be.

There you go. These are the top 7 virile sex dolls on the market. Check them first before checking other dolls. There’s a high chance at least one of them matches your preferences.

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