Top 8 Curvy Sex Dolls

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Top 8 Curvy Sex Dolls

Curvy women are very appealing to men because of their soft lines. But how do you define a curvy woman? According to Cambridge Dictionary, it is “a woman with rounded body parts, especially breasts and hips.” And we all know how big breasts affect men.

A curvy woman also reminds a man of his mother (but not in a weird way.) They look confident, generous, and full of love to give. They also have this aura of reliability around them, and so they have an immediate reassuring effect. These qualities make them great companions.

But how many curvy women are in your area? How many of them are single? And how many are down to get dirty with you?

Suppose you are popular, handsome, and have a reputation for having a big penis and being fantastic in bed. Curvy women in your town may be lining up to have a chance to sleep with you. On the other hand, if you are not like that, maybe only a few or even none will be interested in you. 

Don’t worry. There is a reliable way to fulfill this desire. You can use sex dolls. These don’t care about who you are; they only care about making your erotic dreams come true.

Here are the top 8 curvy sex dolls. If you are looking for one, it is best to check these ones first. 

Tori Premium Curvy TPE Sex Doll

Top 8 Curvy Sex Dolls

Tori is a big, beautiful woman. She looks like America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 contestant Lacey Rogers but with bigger assets. This sex doll has H-cup breasts, thick thighs, and a big bubble butt. You will love caressing these, especially because Tori’s soft TPE skin feels like real skin.

This curvy sex doll has impressive orifices. Her anal and vaginal orifices are both 7 inches deep. It is rare for a sex doll to have an anal orifice that is that deep. 

Annika Premium Female Sex Doll

Top 8 Curvy Sex Dolls

If one can only choose one adjective to describe Annika, they will, without a doubt, choose “perfect.” She is a 5-foot-tall sex doll, so she is taller than most women – human or sex dolls. On top of that, she has gigantic assets that will make you gawk. Annika has H-cup breasts, wide hips, a big bubble butt, and thunder thighs. Her face is also pleasing to look at. What more can you ask for?

This curvy sex doll has anal, oral, and vaginal sex capabilities. 

Saya Premium Curvy TPE Sex Doll

Top 8 Curvy Sex Dolls

Saya is a sexy lady with black, curly hair, which goes well with her curvy body. If you like big breasts, you should check this sex doll out. She has L-cup breasts! There is a high chance the biggest milkers you have seen on an actual woman are smaller than that. And that’s not the only part of Saya’s body that is big. She also has wide hips and a big, shapely ass.  

Saya has a 7.4 inches deep vagina, 6.69 inches deep anal hole, and a 4.7 inches deep mouth.

Charlotte Premium TPE Sex Doll

Top 8 Curvy Sex Dolls

Charlotte is quite different from the dolls listed above. Her “curvy” means pear-shaped – small breasts, tiny waist, and wide hips. 

This blonde beauty has B-cup breasts and a big bum. Those small breasts are blessings in disguise. If you did not know, sex dolls with bigger assets tend to be heavier. But because Charlotte does not have mountains for tits, she is lightweight. This sex doll weighs only 29 kilograms. Because of that, different sex positions are easy to do when having sex with Charlotte.

Kaylen Premium Curvy TPE Sex Doll

Top 8 Curvy Sex Dolls

Kaylen is a 5 foot 4 inches tall brunette who will set your nights on fire. This curvy lady’s body parts look so good that they may make you combust. For starters, she has humongous H-cup breasts. These breasts are hollow, meaning they are super soft. Thus, fondling them will feel so satisfying. Then down her hips is a fat ass that will feel just as satisfying to caress. 

This curvy sex doll is fully equipped with three orifices. The best thing is you can improve her mouth and vagina for free. Just choose to include the removable tongue and USB vagina heater freebies. 

Cash Premium Curvy TPE Sex Doll

Top 8 Curvy Sex Dolls

Cash looks similar to Saya. She is a curvy woman with curly black hair. Furthermore, like Saya, she has L-cup breasts, wide hips, and a big butt. The difference is that Cash looks younger. Also, she is a little taller. This sex doll stands at 5 foot 4 inches.

Cash has three orifices and an articulated metallic skeleton. But please note that she weighs 45 kilograms. So, you need strong muscles if you want to have sex with her in different positions.

Vienna Premium TPE Sex Doll

Top 8 Curvy Sex Dolls

Do you like blondes? If you do, check this curvy sex doll out. Vienna is a curvy sex doll with gorgeous, wavy, golden locks and baby blue eyes. She is 5 foot 7 inches tall and has fantastic BWH measurements. Her breasts are also hard to ignore since they are massive – H-cup!

And with oral, anal, and vaginal sex capabilities, you can’t go wrong with this sex doll. She will make you have mind-blowing climaxes that will make you addicted to getting intimate with her. 

Lina Premium Curvy TPE Sex Doll

Top 8 Curvy Sex Dolls

Lina is another blonde babe. Choose her if you want to touch bigger breasts because she boasts L-cup breasts. You can have fun with those by motorboating or having breast sex. Since Lina is a TPE sex doll, you can rest assured that those are as soft and jiggly as the real thing.

Speaking of body parts being realistic, Lina possesses an anatomically accurate vagina. Thus, intercourse with her will feel like real sex. Anal and oral sex are also possible, in case you want to be kinkier. 

Lina will help you fulfill your sexual desires. You will not regret buying her. 

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