Top Trends 2021: What Sex Trends are In for Couples this Year

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Top Trends 2021: What Sex Trends are In for Couples this Year

A new year means a new beginning. It also paves the way for new popular things that people will look forward to. There will be new clothing trends, new online crazes, and of course, new sex trends for couples. 

A couple of sex trends will emerge this year according to experts. For instance, there will be internet-connected sex toys, virtual sex, as well as audio pornography, and sex education. There’s a lot more in terms of sex this 2021. But we have listed 10 of the best sex trends that couples should know about.

Top 10 Sex Trends for Couples this 2021

Trend #1: Virtual Dating

Online or virtual dating has become more and more significant for single people. The reason is that the global COVID-19 pandemic made the chances of spontaneous dating slimmer. Apart from that, safe sex has got an entirely new meaning during this global health crisis. Here’s a sex robot that will change your life.

Moreover, a couple of months ago, the health authorities around the Atlantic has given their recommendations about acceptable sexual practices during the pandemic. One recommendation said that solo sex would be the safest method now. 

The trend called corona cuffing has also become popular. Such encourages single individuals to find a partner in confinement. This will result in dating apps and their live video features becoming more popular as more and more people will turn to virtual dating.

Trend #2: Remote Sex

The global pandemic is changing the love lives of couples. It even caused some to have an entirely different relationship with sexuality. For this reason, those who are in a relationship are now looking for new ways to have sex now that distance and restrictions are challenging them. 

Sexting or masturbation through an interposed screen is now becoming popular. In addition, sex toys that couples can control using a remote are also among the trends that couples can look forward to now that they are challenged by distance. 

Moreover, We-Vibe, a remote sex toy manufacturer conducted a study recently. It found out that people’s willingness to try a new thing when it comes to sex is stronger by 25 percent now compared to the first lockdown. 

Trend #3: Audio Porn

Audio pornography is now more popular than ever. Erotic stories are getting the attention of a lot of people, especially women, who see such as a new way to get sexual gratification.

Similar to feminist porn, podcasts with an erotic theme bring female pleasure and desire back to the forefront. In fact, Erika Lust, a popular Swedish feminist porn director was able to hit theaters with her collection of horror shorts titled “xConfessionsNight.”

Trend #4: Hormone and Gynecological Autonomy-Free Contraception

Contraception without hormones has grown in popularity during the past years. In 2010, Sante Publique France said that 45 percent of females used pills as a means of contraception. Back in 2010 and 2016, there was only 40.5 and 36.5 percent of women who take pills respectively.

But now, more and more women are taking care of their bodies. A lot of them are questioning their contraceptive methods. However, this is way far from the only factor that needs to be taken into account when it comes to the current “empowerment of women” movement. 

Topics that are related to women’s sexual health, sexuality, and physical self-determination are increasingly becoming the center of the debate. For instance, gynecological autonomy refers to one’s ability to take charge of their own privacy, including the minor health concerns that it comes with. Women are now reclaiming their own bodies through different ways such as sex education, free instinctive flow to hypothermia, and many others. Notably, the latter is a natural method for managing fertility. 

Trend #5: Cravings for Orgasms will Turn to Sexual Mindfulness

People are now indulged with sexual mindfulness. Just like people take care of their minds through yoga and meditation, they should also do the same in terms of sex. 

A lot of people have suddenly appreciated fresh air and trees. On the other hand, others are now hooked to yoga, meditation, and cooking. 

Just like how people gain interest in new things, they are also interested in new methods in the bedroom. Couples should stop spectatoring when they are in the bedroom. This is when they are anxiously imagining how they are performing or looking during sex, as well as if their partner is enjoying the deed or not. Many people are also thinking if they are able to give their partner a satisfying orgasm or not. Thinking about this, people sometimes forget to enjoy and savor the moment

However, instead of thinking about such things, they should shift their focus to appreciating the moment and the pleasure that they give and receive. 

The Final Takeaway

Sex has always been around since the beginning. This is the reason why now that the global pandemic is stopping couples from having sex, they are looking for a variety of ways that could provide them the sexual gratification that they have always needed. These gave rise to the different trends that they can try in order to have sex even when they are far apart. 

For instance, virtual sex has already been a thing back then. But now that there are partners who are in lockdown separately, they are trying to somehow be with each other through phone and laptop screens.

On the other hand, those who are single are also looking to satisfy themselves sexually. This resulted in the increased popularity of sex toys. Using sex toys, singles no longer have to risk their health picking up some random strangers that they can spend the night with. Instead, they just use sex toys to satisfy their sexual cravings in their own terms and paces.  

Finally, there had also been an increase in popularity for teledildonics or remote-controlled sex toys. Using such adult items, couples can satisfy each other as if they are in the same room.

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