Transgender Ideology: Harmful to People?

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Transgender Ideology: Harmful to People?

Sexuality is a very sensitive topic. It has been a cause of disagreements since the dawn of time. Some believe there are only two, while some believe there is more than that.  

In this blog, we will take a deeper dive at both points of view. The strengths and weaknesses of the two contrasting ideas will be explored to attain a better understanding of the topic. 

Transgender Ideology: Harmful to People?

This could be long and complicated. So why don’t we get started right away?

The First Belief: There are only two Sexes

Some people believe that it is simple and binary. They say that there are two sexes, namely, male and female. To them, sex is categorized through the reproductive organs and the cells they produce. People who produce sperm cells are male, and those who have egg cells are women. 

People who believe in this theory are not necessarily homophobic or bi-phobic. They acknowledge the existence of people who get attracted to people of the same sex as them. Although they are not against that, they do not believe that they should identify themselves as not male or female. That causes chaos in categorization. Instead, they call them intersex. Intersex people exist between the two poles of sex but do not materialize as a third one. They say gay men are still male, and lesbians are still females even if their sexual preferences say otherwise.

The Second Belief: Sex is a Spectrum

These people firmly believe that one’s sex does not rely solely on which organ they were born with. Instead, they think someone’s sex derives from their identity. Male and female are the two ends of the spectrum, but there are more in between. 

Here, a person who is male at birth could identify as gay or a woman. Likewise, a woman can say she is a lesbian or a man. Instead of using the reproductive organ as the basis, the preference for a sexual partner is used as an identifier. It allows the classification for non-binary people to be closer to their personalities.

Then, there are transsexuals. They are people who have done things so they can permanently transition to the sex with which they identify. Even the sex tech industry has shown support for these people. They have manufactured sex dolls with attachable components. They did it so that those who are looking for a transsexual experience can get it through their products. 

With or without physical alterations through unnatural inducing hormones and cosmetic operations, this is called transgender ideology. It is one’s movement away from their default sex to the one that suits them better. 

Society Favoring the Sex Spectrum Theory

Nowadays, you will encounter phrases like “sex assigned at birth” in written articles and spoken statements more than “birth sex.” It is because of people’s dwindling belief that a person’s sex depends on factors like chromosomes, hormones, and genitalia. They prefer the theory that says a person’s sex depends on their claim. This is more commonly known as gender identity. 

It seems the world has done a 180-degree flip. Once, people saw gender as a social construct, while sex is the biological reality. Now, sex is the social construct. Meanwhile, gender identity is perceived as the biological reality. 

At first look, this is a good change in perspective. The question is, is that really the case?

Reasons Why Transgender Ideology Is Still Riddled With Contradictions

Living in the postmodern age, many people rejected the idea of metaphysics. For some, theories without basis shouldn’t be standardized facts.

Transgender Ideology: Harmful to People?

However, many experts agree that this postmodern age is embracing alternative metaphysics instead. This ideology is most popular among transgender issues.

In particular, a transgender man is a man, not merely a woman who is trying to be a man. People should be the gender they prefer to be. That’s it.

Trans people follow their hearts, regardless of the contrary of evidence. They think and act what they claim to be. And there’s nothing wrong with it. They live the life they think they deserve to the point that they are willing to change or risk everything.

It’s truly understandable why transgender activists continue to knock the hearts of the people who have no respect for their community.

As time goes by, arguments about transgender identities become more persuasive, especially if it concerns personal beliefs and claims about their gender. 

Transgender activists don’t admit that being a transgender person is a metaphysical claim. They don’t want to debate the level of philosophy as much as possible. Instead, they prefer to dress it up as scientific and medical evidence. 

The Real Victims of Transgender Ideologies

If you’ve been watching recent news and browsing social media content, you’ve seen how gender discrimination can lead to psychological issues for people involved. The question is, who are real victims of wrong transgender claims and ideologies?

Actually, this really shouldn’t be a question since it is obvious that the members of the transgender community have faced anxiety, fear, mistreatment, and even death.  

The truth is, being different is a sin for some. And people are trying to get rid of that sin through their acts of humiliation and discrimination.

The Positive Effects of Amended Solutions

Recently, state legislatures have considered several laws concerning transgender issues. Regardless of intentions, these laws have the foreseeable effect of classifying discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people into law.

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed the so-called “Equality Act” that aims to legally protect people with different gender identities alongside race, color, sex, religion, and national origin.

Unfortunately, the transgender youth is perhaps the most affected and vulnerable since they are already facing the consequences of living their true identities. What’s even worse is some of them are facing serious depression, anxiety, and suicidality. 

Good thing that gender transition care is now offered to youth through different laws and cleaning programs. These include a wide range of mental health supports.

The increase in transgender care for young people means more transgender students can confidently attend school.

In fact, some schools have already built sex-segregated spaces like bathrooms. This helps trans youth to enhance their self-worth, knowing that they can finally feel their importance in society.

Transgender Ideology: Harmful to People?

The same goes for adult transgender people. Some employers accept potential employers despite gender identity. They also maintain equality inside the workplace by giving the same treatment they give to employees with no gender issues. 

Then, to aid transgender people’s sexual wellness, sex toy manufacturers have been making all sorts of products they can use.

Realizing the rapid social and clinical changes in gender transition makes sense that lawmakers are doing their jobs effectively. And sooner or later, the world will finally live in peace and unity regardless of sex or gender each person has.

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