Unexplored Application Of Sex Dolls And Robots In Uncharted Territories

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Unexplored Application Of Sex Dolls And Robots In Uncharted Territories

So, you have heard – or you are one – of the people who use sex dolls or robots to achieve sexual satisfaction. Also, you might have heard of brothels wherein some or all employees are sex dolls instead of humans. These are the common uses of these products. But have you ever tried thinking outside the box? Where else can sex dolls and robots be used aside from those fields?

Unexplored Application Of Sex Dolls And Robots In Uncharted Territories

Pro And Anti Sex Robots

If you are keeping with the news, you would know about the advancements made by sex robot manufacturers. They are in the pursuit of making a convincing sex robot. The ultimate goal is to make sex robots that look like humans and acts like humans. Unlike the common sex dolls – or love dolls, as connoisseurs prefer to call them – these robots can speak and move on their own. People in the industry celebrate the creation of Realbotix’s Harmony and Henry. These sex robots have movable heads and have extensive mimicking and natural language skills. They are a testament to how far the industry has gone.

While enthusiasts celebrated, activists fumed. Not all people are into sex dolls and sex robots. There’s even the “campaignagainstsexrobots.org” that wants to stop the production of these artificial love servants. They argue that these products objectify, degrade, and dishonor women. Furthermore, some people believe that using artificial sex products for sexual pleasure is immoral.

On the other hand, some people believe that sexual health is a human right. People who want satisfaction should be allowed to get it the way they want to, so long as they are not breaking any laws. 

Now, some people want sexual satisfaction but are not able to get it for various reasons. Again, sexual health is a human right. They are entitled to it. Here is where sex dolls and robots come in. While one can still argue that sex robots may not be the best solution, no one can deny that they are viable options.

People Who Will Benefit From Sex Robots

To determine the potential applications of sex robots, let us identify the groups of people who will benefit from their existence. 

First on the list are people who cannot have their object of desire. Examples are those whose partners have already passed away and gamers who fantasize about video game characters. Next, we have people who are temporarily or permanently isolated. They have no one with them, and the only way they can experience sexual gratitude is through masturbation. Then, we have persons that are subject to taboos and prohibition. These people can and want to have sex, but the rules they follow prevents them from doing so. These could be people in church institutions, monasteries, and seminaries. Likewise, religious people who are told not to have sex until marriage may use sex robots if they would allow themselves to. 

From these, we can make hypotheses about the possible applications of sex robots in different fields.

Possible Fields Of Applications For Sex Dolls

Monasteries And Seminaries

Having sexual desires is innate to humans. It is something we can just throw away. That said, even those who serve in the clergy may still feel the need for sexual pleasure. So, even when sexual activities are forbidden, many still engage in them. It could range from self-stimulation to hiring prostitutes – which is reported to be especially true in Rome. Aside from these, there are reports of sexual abuse with priests and sometimes nuns as propagators.

Unexplored Application Of Sex Dolls And Robots In Uncharted Territories

We can insert sex robots here to provide a better option. They could provide the clergy with a more ethical means to satisfy themselves. But this is still a complicated and unexplored subject. As of yet, no one can tell how the church people will receive these products. First and foremost, these synthetic love servants clash with their morals – as they are told to be abstinent. Aside from that, how will the people in their religion react when they find out? 

Again, as this is still an unexplored subject, we don’t have an answer. Still, having sex dolls in these institutions is something worth considering. They could possibly end the alarming increasing cases of sexual abuse. Furthermore, they could steer clergy persons away from hiring prostitutes, which they could consider as less ethical. 


For sure, at least once, you have heard someone joked about men getting raped in prisons by fellow inmates. Well, sadly, that is true. Many prisoners get sexually abused, either by fellow prisoners or by prison staff. 

But, some stories claim not all sexual activities performed in prisons are forced. Sometimes, there is no violence involved. However, it may not be the desired type – for instance, sex that does not align with one’s sexual orientation or choice of partner.

Sex dolls and robots could be used to solve these problems. Prison staff can deposit these artificial love servants in cells or in showers. Prisoners can use them whenever they feel the need for sexual gratification. Of course, there must be a provided way to preserve the prisoner’s privacy.

Potentially, this could reduce the cases of sexual abuse in prisons. Also, with sex robots, they would not need to cross boundaries. They do not need to have sex with a partner they do not desire – e.g., heterosexual men in men-to-men sex.

Unexplored Application Of Sex Dolls And Robots In Uncharted Territories


Prisoners are not the only ones that can benefit from having sex dolls and robots. Soldiers can use them too. These artificial love servants can be used to promote sexual health in the military. They can be the source of sexual pleasure for military men during weeks of barracks, long exercises, and war missions. These are the times when they are separated from the rest of the world – more importantly, from their partners if they have one. One can only assume how lonely they can be. Likely, they would welcome sexual wellness products like sex robots with open arms as they can ease out their loneliness.

Again, these are all theories and speculations. There is no formal research about these applications of sex robots available now. However, looking deeper into these could be worth it.

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