U.S. Stock Market Index Decreases Amid The Pandemic

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U.S. Stock Market Index Decreases Amid The Pandemic

Companies are feeling the full blow of the coronavirus pandemic as their economic rates decrease according to stock market statistics reported online. Here’s what can help you get through this difficulty.

The stock market index comes crashing down again, affirming the worst week since the start of the pandemic. Several companies have been experiencing financial crises as investors are anxious about the profit decline. Since the coronavirus outbreak, different industries shut down because they cannot keep up with the deteriorating economic situation. Now, sponsors and investors are backing out as uncertainty envelopes the entire grid. There is no guarantee that the money they invest will return to them at a higher value because of the current financial glitches.

U.S. Stock Market Index Decreases Amid The Pandemic

Dow Jones Industrial Average Declines

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, or more commonly known as Dow Jones, measures the stock market operations of over 30 giant companies in the United States. A committee handles the statistical values performed by the companies. The stock market percentages of the industries are being studied daily to keep track of the stock investments.

Other stock market indexes experiencing a huge decrease

This week, the Dow Jones lost 357.28 points, which are more than 1% to 25,409.36. In complicated trading events, the Dow, which contains 30 stocks, fell to more than a thousand points. The S&P 500, which is a stock market index that measures 500 large companies in the United States, felt the devastating decline as well. Their rates fell to 0.8% to 2,954.22. Another stock market index, the NASDAQ Composite, was not able to divert from the financial crisis. Their statistics revealed 8,567.37 and decreased to 3.5% on that same day.

Since 2008, Dow never felt this huge decline until the pandemic started. Since nations went into lockdown, the economy has been slowly falling back over the past months. Decreasing to more than 12% is a big loss for the company. Losing 3,500 points presents a negative stance to the large corporations in the United States. In amendment standing, the companies were down to 14.1% since the economic crisis last February.

Blaming it on the pandemic

Other U.S. stock market industries are not doing so good as well. The pandemic caused a great rift between the profitable sales and stocks invested. S&P 500 recorded its worst weekly performance, losing 11.5% of their stocks index. The U.S. stocks performed better the week before with a difference of 13%. The NASDAQ tumbled down to 10.5% while coming close to 13%.

The heads of the companies are blaming it all on the pandemic and the government’s lack of effective adjustments. The head of investments and strategies of Charles Schwab, Liz Ann Sonders, said that the momentum was running high at the start. However, it lost its balance when the pandemic started. The algorithmic pace was too dependent on the starting momentum.

Solutions That Might Ease The Blow

The chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, pledged to strategize plans for the economy to rise again amid the pandemic. He called out the U.S. central bank to work together with the stock market companies in looking for solutions to put the economy back on track or else they would lose all the stocks invested.

The head market strategist, Art Hogan, who worked at National Securities, described the situation as a global health fear that has caused supply markets to pause for a while. According to him, monetary policies should be conducted to ease the economic declines following the path of the pandemic. Bad remedies could increase in prices without a stable supply response.

The stocks declined this week because investors kept adding to their bond and withdrawing equities afterward. The U.S. Treasure for ten years showed a record lower than the average. These yields are evident in the stock market prices. It was down to at least 1.14%.

Employees being affected amid the pandemic

Among the stock market statistics reported online, an employee working at Google tested positive for COVID-19. Nigeria and New Zealand reported their first coronavirus outbreaks as well. China reported over 300 additional cases while South Korea has half a thousand new cases. These new cases contributed to the shutdowns of most companies to contain the virus from spreading.

U.S. Stock Market Index Decreases Amid The Pandemic

The greatest decliners recorded by the Dow Jones Industrial Average were JPMorgan Chase and Boeing who dropped more than 4% of their invested stocks each. Apple lowered its investment to 0.1% but entered brief exchange territory afterward.

Companies taking initiative

The chief trader working at IPS Strategic Capital, Patrick Hennessy, said his complaints to people depending on markets to rise quickly during this pandemic. The investors went around buying chips and stocks and then declining them afterward. Patrick expressed that nobody was an expert on predicting how these awful circumstances would end.

Doug Ramsey, ahead of investment officer at The Leuthold Group, stated that the timing was not on their hands at this time. To elevate the investors’ sentiments, they were trying to find ways to increase the statistics of their markets. However, they were not to be blamed since the pandemic had caused the abrupt devastation of the economy. Most companies were not able to perceive the potential economic blow amid the crisis.

The anxiety over the coronavirus outbreak had pushed several companies to issue profit warnings to their clients and investors. Microsoft once revealed to their employees that they may not reach the highest peak this year compared to the successful years before. PayPal also warned its customers and employees about a similar dilemma that the company might be experiencing because of the present circumstances. Get sex doll here to survive stock market crash.

U.S. Stock Market Index Decreases Amid The Pandemic


Many nations have felt the economic impact since the pandemic outbreak. Stock markets in the U.S. are having a hard time to answer the growing problems in their investment declines while employees are being affected because of the huge economic shift. Companies are on the move to inform their members that annual revenue goals might not be met because of the financial crisis. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing when the stock markets would rise once again.

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