What Are Some Of The Types Of Lubricants For Sex Dolls?

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What are some of the types of lubricants for sex dolls_

If you have a sex doll or sex toy, you have used a sexual lubricant at some point. It is not wrong to use lube; it is entirely reasonable. Lubes are meant to make the experience even more magical, by making the vagina, anus, or any other penetration area very wet and smooth. Penetration and subsequent thrusting are a lot easier when the vagina or orifice is wet. But just as in humans, not all lubes can be used on your sex doll. Also, just as human skin reacts to particular types of lube and chemicals used in making them, your sex doll also will respond to different-sex lubes differently. The question is then posed, what are the differences in the different types of sex lubricants?

What are some of the types of lubricants for sex dolls?

Image: Water Based Lubricant. Photo taken from Amazon


Sex lubricants serve the same purpose of making sex smooth and pleasurable by wetting the penetration area. The only difference between sex lubes is what is used in making them; they are made from different materials.


Water-based lubricants are made majorly by water. But they can also contain glycerin or not, entirely dependent on your desire.


These are sex lubes that are water-based but with added sugar alcohol.


  • Water-based lubes with glycerin are not uncommon. Most people who prefer using them do so because they are effortless and fast to clean because they rinse off the body quite quickly.
  • These lubricants are also the right choice because they are compatible with condoms. This is a plus because they can be used both on the naked penis and condom and remain as effective.
  • They are also compatible with sex dolls and toys. Some sex toys cannot be used with specific lubricants; like silicone toys, for example. It is then amazing when one lube is all compatible with the toys. They do not dry off quick; hence, they can be used for more extended sessions of anal sex or even fisting. You do not have to keep re-applying more every time. Glycerin has a sweet kind of taste.
What are some of the types of lubricants for sex dolls?

Image: Durex Play Very Cherry Sex Lubricant. Photo taken from Amazon


  • After drying out, the skin feels a little sticky and uncomfortable on the surface. You might want to wash off as soon as possible.
  • These lubricants are not the best for using when having sex in the bathroom. They will wash off quickly as they are water-based.
  • They are not recommended for you if you suffer from yeast infections often or have sensitive skin and inner vagina.


What are some of the types of lubricants for sex dolls?

Image: Glycerin and Paraben Free Lubricant. Photo taken from Amazon

These water-based lubes do not contain glycerin additives.


  • Like any water-based lubricants, they rinse off the body quickly and fast and are easy to wash off surfaces.
  • They are compatible with the use of a condom. If the lubrication on the condom is not enough, go on and use them, they are just as effective.
  • They are also compatible with virtually all sex toys and sex dolls. They do not harm the dolls made from silicone, for example.
  • Because they lack glycerin, they do not cause infections like yeast infections in women.


  • They dry off more quickly, and once they do, they may feel a little sticky and uncomfortable on your skin.
  • They may not last longer like the other lubes; hence, you may keep re-applying time and again.
  • They cannot be used for bathroom romance; they easily wash off as they are mostly water-based.
  • This lube may have a slightly bitter taste.


What are some of the types of lubricants for sex dolls?

Image: Silicone Based Lubricant. Photo taken Walmart.ca

Silicone-based lubes are softer and smoother than the water-based ones, generally.


  • The silicone-based lubricants tend to last longer than the water-based lube. You do not need to keep applying more every time.
  • Since they last longer, a few drops are enough to last you a whole sexual intercourse session, hence are very economical.
  • They can be used with condoms as they are compatible.
  • They do not get stick like the form ones, hence do not feel uncomfortable on the skin.
  • They can be used in the bathroom as they do not wash off easily.
  • You can multiply their use to couple up as massage oils since they do not dry off quickly.


  • They are difficult to rinse off the skin and even worse, to rinse out of the vagina. The more they stay in the vagina, the more uncomfortable it will become.
  • Are not the best to use with some types of silicone sex dolls, soft skin toys, and Cyberskin toys, as they may reduce their life span.
  • They are slightly more pricey compared to the others of the same size.


What are some of the types of lubricants for sex dolls?

Image: Organic Oil Based Lubricant. Photo taken from Amazon

These are made from oil and are usually appreciated because of their sleekness.


  • They are longer-lasting for sexual episodes compared to all the other types. A single application in a small amount will see you going through the entire session.
  • They can couple up as massage oils as they are super soft and silky, and because they do not dry off quickly.
  • They can be used in the bathroom sexual escapades.


  • They stain easily on surfaces and cotton sheets.
  • They are hard to wash off the body and surfaces.
  • They are not compatible with condoms; they may cause them to rip off or burst.
  • Oil-based lubes have been known to cause vaginal infections like bacterial vaginosis.


While all the above sex lubricants apply to you, it may be essential for you to stick to your sex doll manufacturer’s advice regarding the sex doll lubes to use. As noted above, some lube, like the oil-based lubes, may compromise the integrity of particular sex dolls. Another thing you can do is go online and try to get more info on which lubes to use on your sex doll and those you should not. There are other available options of lubes called natural lubes, but the extent of their naturalness may not be confirmed at this juncture, and all you need to know is while you are protecting your sex doll from effects of harsh lubes, do not also forget to consider those that are best for your skin and vagina too.

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