What is Inside the Hidden World of Sex Doll’s Makeup?

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What is Inside the Hidden World of Sex Doll’s Makeup?

For the past three decades, the sex doll industry has evolved significantly. Back then, sex dolls were produced out of cheap plastic, rubber, or vinyl. These low-quality materials gave life to blow-up sex dolls. But now, the global industry for sex dolls has an estimated net worth of $30 billion. 

Today’s sex dolls are of high quality, high tech, hyper-realistic, and made from good materials. High-quality sex dolls are made from TPE, silicone, and are even equipped with artificial intelligence. Indeed, sex dolls are now less Barbie and more robots. 

In return, the materials used for sex dolls advances further, which allows customizable products. Sex doll manufacturers now offer a vast array of personalization features such as face shapes, eye color, skin color, breast size, body types, and everything that customers could think of. For more demanding customers, manufacturers have other customization features such as a customizable clitoris, an insertable hymen, as well as artificial milk glands. 

In addition, there are customizable makeups.

Sex Dolls and Make-up

According to the CEO of Fine Love Dolls named Kevin, every doll owners will need makeup at some point, no matter where they purchased the doll from. Notably, Fine Love Dolls specialized in sex doll accessories. It offers customizable costumes, tattoo decals, sexy lingerie, piercings, and of course, cosmetics. 

Considering that a sex doll’s makeup can rub off over time and excessive use, places like Fine Love Dolls are indeed important. Kevin also added that doll owners are into dressing up their dolls, so he assumes that some owners like applying makeup on their doll’s face, the same way that some men are fond of painting Warhammer figurines as well as other small scale replicas. This is the reason why Fine Love Dolls offers its customers with a vast array of choices. 

For $129, sex doll owners can purchase an entire kit that includes their choice of blush on, eyeshadow palette, fake nails, eyeliner, a cleanser, and a complete set of brushes. 

Kevin also added that sex dolls already have flawless skin complexion. For this reason, they no longer need a foundation. The most requested products from their company are nail glue, eyelash glue, eyeliner, and cheekbone powder that is also applicable to the genitals and areolas. 

However, Fine Love Dolls is not the only player in the game. There are a number of brands out there that offer sex doll owners with an array of high-quality and colorful cosmetics. For instance, Sexy Sex Doll’s cushion blushers claim that it can “create plump cheeks for your beloved sex doll with a natural, gradated blush.” On the other hand, a company called Real Love Sex Dolls offers wet look lip glosses, which they claim can make a sex doll’s lips extra kissable. 

So what is special about makeups for sex dolls? The answer is nothing. They are just normal makeups that hold very well on TPE and silicone. Other than that, the only thing that makes them different is their packaging. 

Where the Problem Arises

A lot of sex doll owners are men. Naturally, most of them are not familiar with the concept of contouring, knowing the shades the go well together, and applying makeup in general. They are also not aware of the most durable products, which can be tricky for them. 

Some male sex doll owners admitted that they learned the basics of applying makeup by observing their wives, mothers, friends, and daughters. Yet, the most effective tool in terms of learning how to apply makeup or blend eyeshadow is the good old YouTube. There are specialized doll makeup tutorials in the platform that can serve as a step by step guide for men who want to make up their sex doll’s face.

Moreover, Mishka Valentino has a YouTube channel where she publishes glamorous makeover tutorials as well as DIY easy fix operations. Looking at the comments, you will see that exchanging makeup tips is no longer a way of learning. Rather, it became a way for doll owners to connect with one another and a means of fostering community. 

A Facebook Page and a Forum Focused on Sex Dolls

There is dollsbook.com which is basically a Faceb1ook page for dolls. There is also an online forum focused on sex dolls called The Doll Forum. 

The Doll Forum is an online community that consists of more than 6,000 members. It proclaims itself as the most definitive resource on love dolls and erotic dolls for adults in the world. In addition, like-minded hobbyists share their passion for life-sized, TPE sex dolls in this online forum. 

As of the time of writing, The Doll Forum has more than 180 makeup-themed threads. These threads range from articulated cosmetic product reviews to galleries where doll owners proudly share their own surreal versions of MakeupAlley. 

One forum member complained that looking for makeup that works well with sex dolls is quite challenging. On the other hand, another user said that makeup for dolls is fun. This member also added that he loves to see ordinary face turners into a beauty. Furthermore, another member took a sneak peek of his inanimate fiancee and said that it does not want to be seen without its makeup on. 

Sex doll owners often fear that the community they live in will judge them for their hobby. The internet has given doll owners and doll enthusiasts alike a chance to share their hobby with like-minded people. Furthermore, Kevin said a lot of men who own sex dolls use them as a form of therapy. Most of them have been hurt emotionally, while others are simply not compatible with human women. For this reason, they choose to be in a relationship with dolls.

While for some, sex dolls are a safe space as well as the freedom to experiment with makeup. Makeup in the context of sex dolls is more of creative expression and is lease a symbol of sexual desire.

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