What Sex Trends Will Be Popular this 2021 According to Tracey Cox

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What Sex Trends Will Be Popular this 2021 According to Tracey Cox

2020 has already bid goodbye. However, the global COVID-19 pandemic is still here affecting people’s lives, their jobs, friendships, interactions, and most of all —  sex. 

Some people are struggling, while others were able to thrive. However, after almost a year of virtual sex, online dating, and masturbating, people are now looking for new ways to satisfy themselves sexually. For this reason, there is an emergence of new sex trends this new year that couples and single people should look forward to. 

Now, below are the top sex trends by sex experts Tracey Cox that will improve the sex lives of people this 2021:

People Will Have More Adventurous Sex

When the COVID-19 lockdown began, couples who are quarantining with each other rejoiced because they were able to find time to rediscover each other’s bodies. However, the lockdown went for too long and most couples grew weary. They had too much time together that their lust grew less and the thing called COVID bed death came to existence. 

According to a study conducted by Lovehoney, a sex toy retailer based in the UK, 52 percent of couples have dived into more adventurous sex during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are using the time that they are in lockdown to try new things like role-playing, car sex, erotic fantasies, and sex games. 

In addition, 71 percent of those individuals admitted that they will continue doing their new sex routines after the pandemic has ended. 

More People Will Use the Lockdown to Experiment With Their Sexuality

AdultFriendFinder or AFF is a casual dating site. It witnessed a significant increase in its number of users who identify themselves as bisexual, especially among males

Last year’s health crisis made everyone aware of how short time is. This realization made a number of people decide to end toxic relationships. On the other hand, others realized more than just wrong partners. Instead, they reflected on their sexual identities.

What Sex Trends Will Be Popular this 2021 According to Tracey Cox

The moment that hooking up becomes legal and safe again, AFF predicts that more individuals will have the interest to try going out with different people. This will happen regardless of their sexual preferences. Needless to say, experimenting is a robust theme for 2021. 

Power Play and Pegging Will Rise in Popularity

Searches for the meaning of BDSM increased by 70 percent. By definition, BDSM is all sorts of power play. The acronym stands for bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism.

KinkD, a BDSM dating app surveyed nearly 3,500 users and asked them to reveal their top kink now that they are locked down. The result found out that virtual domination or cyber play — online role-playing of BDSM scenes — won significantly. 

Moreover, pegging, which is a sexual play where a woman wears a strap-on dildo in order to penetrate her male partner, was one of the biggest sex trends last year. 

In 2020, sales of strap-on dildos increased by nearly 200 percent. In addition, 10 percent out of 1,000 females who participated in a UK poll revealed that they are pegging their partner. On the other hand, one out of 10 poll participants said that they would like to try it. 

Moreover, pegging was so popular last year that the superhero blockbuster Deadpool featured a pegging scene. 

Most people think that guys who are into pegging are secretly gay. But on the contrary, the popularity of pegging comes from the fact that it can stimulate the male g-spot — the prostate gland.

The Rise of Long-distance and Online Relationships

If there is something that people learned from the lockdown, it is that two people do not have to be physically together in order to enjoy each other’s company. As a result, people became more open to online and long-distance relationships. 

Plenty of Fish, an online dating site, found out that half of its users set their location preferences to “anywhere.” This is much higher in comparison to what they recorded before the global pandemic. 

In addition, there were other positive relationship knock-ons. 66 percent of Plenty of Fish users said that they now value deeper conversation more than they did before the pandemic. Also, seven out of 10 individuals admitted that they would be happy to go on an online date even when the lockdown restrictions are already lifted.

Finally, 33 percent revealed that they are now open to a long-distance relationship.

Furthermore, according to Badoo, video dating is now a common thing. This indicates that a virtual date will become the normal first step before two people could meet in flesh.

Sales of Sex Toys Will Continue to Increase

Sex toy retailers around the world were among the ones that thrived in 2020. 

According to Lovehoney, 42 percent of individuals used sex toys more frequently now that there is a pandemic. In addition, 33 percent bought new sex toys while they are on lockdown. Lastly, 44 percent of single people who are isolating alone unsurprisingly said that they have masturbated more. 

Moreover, vibrators are the most popular sex toy during the pandemic. This is followed by the couple’s toys, butt plugs, male strokers, and love rings. 

Once you have already tried one sex toy you will always look to buy more. This resulted in a spike in the sales of sex toys. 

Exes Will Consider Getting Back to Each Other

If you have already reached out or heard from your ex now that there is a pandemic, then you are not alone. 

The COVID-19 lockdown had the same effect as the breakdown of a long-running relationship. If a person becomes lonely, they would likely think about the people in their lives who made them happy. According to a study, one out of five individuals personally reached out to one of their exes since the pandemic began. Out of four, one had heard from an ex and most replied. 

The reason for that is not just because they are sex-starved. Instead, they wanted to make sure that the person they once loved was safe. 

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