What Will Happen to the Sex Doll Industry After the COVID-19 Pandemic

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What Will Happen to the Sex Doll Industry After the COVID-19 Pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic has caught everyone lacking. All the sectors of the economy are affected, which prompted the government to create intervention policies.

Now that the economy is gradually opening up, no one can still deny the fact that we are still facing a pandemic. In fact, there is no definite time when we can go back to our normal lives. 

Schools are now starting to open, sports events are back, and some businesses are resuming their operations. However, all of these are done under a number of regulations and restrictions to ensure that the virus will not spread uncontrollably. For instance, sports events are happening inside empty stadiums. Players and the staff involved in the game have to undergo a test first to ensure that they are not carriers of the virus. True enough, there is hope that people can get back to normal one day. However, no one ever knows when that will happen. 

What the Future Holds for the Sex Doll Industry

Just like any other industry, the sex doll industry is heavily affected by the pandemic. True enough, the effects of this pandemic have been an increase in awareness and sales. However, there are still a lot of implications that it might carry on to the future. 

Change of Heart

First of all, the increased sales of and inquiries on sex dolls throughout the pandemic can point to a change of heart. In fact, Sexy Real Sex Dolls, one of the most popular sex doll retailers online, said that the global pandemic is a wake up call for individuals who were initially on the fence. This is because being locked in their houses alone for months did not fit well for many people. For this reason, most of the sex doll purchases during the pandemic came from first time buyers who are quarantining alone. This only shows that a lot of people are beginning to change their perception. 

Needless to say, people who were once undecided about owning a sex doll are now open to learn more about it and make a purchase.

Maintained Increase in Sales

The global pandemic and the increase in the sales of sex doll means that sex doll demand will maintain in the future, even when the pandemic is over. First-time owners will get hooked to their sex dolls, thus making the dolls a daily part of their lives.  

Improved Design and Features

The pandemic has also caused the sex doll industry to receive an increased level of expectations from the market base. This only means that the market is increasing. However, this increase comes with more responsibility for sex doll manufacturers. They must learn how to make new designs and features for their sex dolls that could satisfy their customers. In addition, they must know that any negative feedback might affect the entire industry. For this reason, the market can only expect, upgrades and new functionalities of sex dolls in the future. 

Sales in Sex Toys are Also Booming

Moreover, it is not only the sex doll industry that is experiencing growth during the pandemic. In fact, the sales of sex toys significantly increased as well. With a lot of individuals stuck at home all by themselves, they have nothing to help them relieve their urges. For this reason, many of them rely on sex toys to let off some steam.

An analysis released by California-based research firm Market Research Inc. noted that the growing demand from customers who want to enhance their sexual experience is expected to grow during the pandemic. The firm added that sex toys are becoming important in the sexual wellness industry, thus increasing their popularity. It also predicted that over the next five years, the sex toy industry will have a compound annual growth rate of 9.1 percent. 

For instance, Australia, one of the largest retailers of adult novelties and sex toys has seen an increase during the pandemic. Chris Joseph, the head of operations at sex toy retailer Randy Fox said that they are now selling almost twice as much of the products that they sell before the pandemic. In addition, most of their customers are couples who are exploring ways to add more fun to their relationship as they spend more time together due to the nature of the quarantine. 

Similarly, Pure Romance, a luxury sex shop located in Cincinnati noted a 41 percent growth in sales in April compared to April last year. 

Moreover, the spike in the sales of adult toys does not only come from single people. In fact, Adam & Eve, another leading sex toy retailer online noted that one of its site’s top sellers as of now is sex toys for couples. The quarantine gave people more time on their hands and that includes couples who are quarantining together. For this reason, these couples have more spare time to explore sex and how they can have the best sexual gratification. 

On the other hand, Dame Products, another adult toy retailer reported that they have seen a 30 percent increase in sales since February when the lockdown was first implemented. According to Alexandra Fine, the CEO and co-founder of Dame, a lot of aspects of people’s daily lives that makes them feel human are not accessible right now. For this reason, exploring their own pleasure is an excellent way to feel alive during this time of the pandemic. She also noted that more pleasure means better sleep, reduced stress, as well as overall improved wellbeing. 

The Takeaway

It is undeniable that the global COVID-19 pandemic has posed a positive impact on the sex toy and sex doll industries. The increase in sales and inquiries on these two industries are even expected to maintain when the pandemic is over. Needless to say, sex dolls and sex toys are now becoming mainstream. A lot of people are starting to accept that these adult novelties are here to stay and no one can do anything to stop their popularity.

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