Why Was Sex Tech Ignored by Many?

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Why Was Sex Tech Ignored by Many?

The versatility of technology has allowed it to have crossovers with different industries. There are things like fintech, Edtech, and Healthtech. They are always on the news. However, there is one application of technology that is often left in the dark. Sextech, the industry that uses technology for sex products, is rarely touched by media. Why is it the case, and should it be changed?

Why Was Sex Tech Ignored by Many?

Sex Tech Definition

Sex Technology, sextech for short, is the technology and technology-driven ventures designed to enhance, innovate, or disrupt sexual experiences. The industry’s products include masturbators, vibrators, sex toys, sex dolls, and sex robots. 

Importance of Sex Tech

A first, people are hesitant to admit the importance of sex tech products. However, because of the pandemic, more people realized the vital role they play in sexual wellness and the importance of sex itself. Since human touch is practically forbidden, people have been relying on sex toys to experience sexual pleasure. There is nothing wrong with that.

Contrary to what people believed, using sex toys for gratification is not a lewd act. They should not be ashamed of it. It is called taking care of sexual wellness, which is important for psychological well-being. The only time sex is a bad thing is when it is forced.

Perhaps what made people not realize this sooner is our conflicting attitude towards sex. We all enjoy it, but we do not talk about it. The topic is so sensitive that even though it is essential to our lives, we feel embarrassed about it. If anything, that delicate feeling justifies how important sex is to our lives. We flush when talking about sex because we feel vulnerable as if we are exposing ourselves to others. 

Sex is personality. What we do in sex contains important information about ourselves. Our sexuality and kinks tell how we feel about ourselves and how we feel about others. Beyond that, sex informs us about our lives and our happiness.

Why Was Sex Tech Ignored by Many?

Sex tech companies hope to reduce the social stigma revolving around sex. People can use their products so they can explore their personalities and sexuality. Through these products, they can rediscover themselves.

Furthermore, by using sex tech products, the bad things about sex can be avoided. It will reduce the number of sex trafficking, sexual abuse, rape, and sexual violence cases. Sex tech products can also help solve some of society’s most common issues today – sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Lastly, sex toys may help save unhappy marriages or help people cope after relationship breakdowns.

Sex is a thing that makes us feel intense pleasure. It gives us joy and happiness. Sex also deepens our connection to others. Ultimately, sex and sexuality are at the center of who we are and everything we do.

Applications of Sex Tech

 Just like other tech-infused industries, new things keep on popping up in sextech. Sadly, you most likely have not heard about any of it because news channels still refuse to talk about them. 

Now, you have learned the importance of sex to our lives and sex tech to our sex lives. It is time you hear about sex tech’s applications and the opportunities that come with it.

Here is one thing business schools, publications, colleges, and accelerators know but would not admit. Sex is eternal. As long as humans exist, there will be an undying desire for sex. Thus, there will always be opportunities for sextech. Entrepreneurs and investors who want to succeed should pay more attention to sex tech. 

Business owners should also be more open to partnerships with sex tech companies. Right now, they shy away from these deals because they feel like their names will be associated with porn. That is a mistake. In contrast to porn, sex tech aims to promote healthy sexual behaviors. 

Take MakeLoveNotPorn, for example. In their own words, it is the Facebook of social sex. It came to be after the creator found that porn is being the primary source of sexual education. The problem with that is porn videos tend to have cliched, unrealistic, or even unethical storylines. Furthermore, they focus on the act of sex itself instead of its essence. MakeLoveNotPorn aims to disrupt that for the better. Users can view sex videos on the platform uploaded by other users. The content is regulated to make sure that they are portraying how sex looks in real life. They focus more on the intimacy of sex instead of the physical act. That being said, associating with a venture like this should not put dirt on one’s business name.

Why Was Sex Tech Ignored by Many?

MakeLoveNotPorn is a fine example, but it is not the only company that does this. In fact, the whole sex tech industry has it as its goal. For these ventures to succeed, help from other businesses is required. 


Entrepreneurs, investors, and the general people should stop ignoring sex tech. Likewise, they should stop correlating sex tech strictly with lewdness. Because the truth is, the focus of sex tech companies is to let people have healthy sexual lifestyles. That is essential for psychological well-being.

Honest, legal sex tech companies need the help of banks, payment processors, and other industries to accomplish this goal. With their assistance, sex tech companies can do business more openly and transparently, like everyone else. 

On top of that, people will be more welcoming towards the industry. The social stigma will be reduced. It will allow people to buy sex toys as if they are buying groceries. There would be no shame on the act, and they would not need to do it in secret. Sex toys would be treated like gym equipment or skincare products. They will finally be seen as more than objects of lust. Instead, they will be classified as health products – which they are since their creation. 

The sex tech industry is already booming, but when that day comes, it will be beneficial to all. It will generate a lot of opportunities that can be explored not only by the sex tech sector but also by other ventures.

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